Having founded the group in the ten years between her initial rampage and the start of the series, Eto Yoshimura is the original leader of Aogiri Tree. She disputes the widespread speculation that she is the One-Eyed King. Rather, she is Yoshimura and Ukina’s half-ghoul, half-human daughter, known as the One-Eyed Owl. Sen Takatsuki, a best-selling horror author mentioned frequently in the series, is who she really is.

Sen Takatsuki’s Personality

As Sen Takatsuki, she can be a little naughty and careless at times. Her manager forbade her from sleeping in on the day that she was meant to be signing books and taking pictures with fans.

Eto made an attempt to become a writer by presenting Shunji Shiono with her manuscript. Despite being initially turned down, she was eventually accepted and took the pen name “Sen Takatsuki,” starting her career as a novelist while simultaneously making plans for her next step. Dear Kafka, her debut novel, would go on to become a best-seller and contribute to her author career. Before releasing The Black Goat’s Egg, the book that set off Kaneki’s attraction to Rize, she published five other works.

In his analysis of the author’s works, Haise Sasaki creates a portrait of a woman who has long since given up on hope and is full of hate and despair for the world. Although mostly true, she is adamant about wanting to change society so that ghouls are not persecuted for existing and will stop at nothing to achieve this goal, no matter what the cost.

The Ghoul Vs the Human

Eto Yoshimura has a sadistic personality and frequently revels in the suffering of others. She is happy to inflict pain on others and has no qualms about mercilessly slaughtering both humans and ghouls. Similar to her mother, Eto possesses a keen sense of human emotions and desires, which she takes full advantage of when interacting with her victims and coercing other people into doing what she wants. She may have developed her twisted personality as a result of struggling to survive during her formative years in the 24th ward. She can divide her ghoul and human alter egos fairly easily, like many ghouls can.

She is the opposite in human form. Eto Yoshimura is extremely calm, upbeat, and uplifting with a very childlike personality. She is also clumsy and ditzy in her human form, frequently falling asleep during events like book signings but is happy when her manager forbids it. She is also very outgoing and friendly, especially with Hinami, to whom she frequently shows kindness and courtesy while offering advice that is both insightful and straightforward. Hinami seems to think of her as a friend, and it’s possible that Eto persuaded her to join Aogiri in the future, as suggested by the devastation of Anteiku.

The Extraordinary Character

Eto is unquestionably one of the strongest ghouls in the entire series, if not the most powerful. She is more powerful and skilled than any other strong ghoul that has ever appeared in Tokyo Ghoul, including Kaneki. Only three years have passed between TG and TG: re, and she is the second character to be seen with a fully developed kakuja.