Yoriichi Tsugikuni is a supporting character in the series, but he’s central to the culture-rich history of the Demon Slayers. However, little information has been shared regarding this mysterious Demon Slayer in the anime. Regardless, most fans are intrigued about the character’s background since Muzan and some of his blood-linked minions expressed visible fear after encountering anything that closely resembled Yoriichi.

Who is Yoriichi?

Yoriichi Tsugikuni: Yoriichi was a member of the Demon Slayer Corps. He wore Hanafuda earrings like Tanjiro and is revered as the first breath user. He was the creator of the legendary Sun Breathing style, the style which other breathing forms originate from. Yoriichi is the younger of two twins who appeared weak after his birth. However, it appears that wasn’t the case. He only appeared weak since he was a quiet child with remarkable emotional intelligence. At some point, everyone thought he was deaf due to his unresponsive nature.

Even his elder brother failed to see Yoriichi’s true strength until much later. Yoriichi was born with the Demon Slayer mark on his forehead, proof of his immense strength and skill as a fighter. After Yoriichi’s father discovers his strange birthmark, mistaking it for a bad omen, he threatens to kill his son but is prevented by Akeno, Yoriichi’s mother.


Yoriichi is a young man of tall and athletically muscular stature. He shares a strikingly similar appearance to his twin brother, Michikatsu Tsugikuni, later Kokushibo, though unlike him, Yoriichi has slightly more slimmer bangs and wavier hair than his brother. His hair is both spiky and long, about waist length, and colored black to burgundy in the anime, similar to Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist of the show.

His demon slayer mark was placed at the left side of his forehead, similar to Tanjiro, albeit of a lighter color. His sharp, almond-shaped eyes are a majestic maroon-red color in the anime and a darker shade of maroon in the manga. Most of the time, Yoriichi sports a solemn, relaxed, and unbothered expression on his face.

Powers and Abilities

Demon Slayer Mark: Yoriichi is the first Demon Slayer Mark user. He was born with it and had its powerful effects all his life. The mark gave him incredible physical abilities. Unlike all other marks users in his era, Yoriichi was able to defy fate and lived to about 85 years of age. It is presently unknown why Yoriichi is immune to Mark’s effects. Still, it is presumably because he was the first one ever to have it and was born with it naturally, unlike all other mark bearers who must train to attain it.

Bright Red Nichirin Sword: Yoriichi was the first person ever to turn his Nichirin Sword bright red. He was born with a special mark that gave him this ability. The mark allowed users to make their blades bright red too. When fighting, Yoriichi can dye his black sword bright red at will, letting him hamper the enhanced regeneration of demons and even Muzan’s instant.

Transparent World: Yoriichi could use the Transparent World since he was born. He was really good at it. He could watch how people’s lungs and muscles moved. This helped him know when to hit them. This ability also granted him an advantage against Muzan, allowing him to find his weaknesses instantly and overwhelm him.

Selfless State: Muzan and Yoriichi faced each other. Muzan observed something strange about Yoriichi. In the midst of their battle, Yoriichi showed no signs of motivation, hate, anger, or any aggressive feelings. He lacked the usual fighting spirit, animosity, and even the usual bloodlust that Muzan could sense from others in a battle. This made it almost impossible for Muzan to detect Yoriichi, predict his movements, or gauge his power using his usual senses. This gave Yoriichi an edge in the battle against Muzan as he underestimated his strength, a mistake that shook the Demon King to this day.

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