We all want our pictures and memories which we store through them to look adorable. And thus Snapchat which has become widely popular for its ability to click enhanced pictures. Users of this platform get access to a wide range of features like they can chat with their close ones, send snaps, collect memories and more. So in this blog we are going to talk about an amazing feature of this platform, access to filters by which users click beautiful pictures. Above all this platform allows its users to send a snap with the cartoon face lens, a current favorite filter of the users. 

Know About Send A Snap With The Cartoon Face Lens

Using Snapchat lenses give our selfies a refreshed look which captivates the viewers eyes. The application offers a wide range of filters which are AR-compatible through which we can enjoy. The face recognition function of the platform allows users to send a snap with the cartoon face lens almond side to several other filters like bunny ears, flower tiara, dog face and more. 

An Overview of Snapchat’s Cartoon Face Lens

Snapchat’s cartoon Face Lens allows users to send a snap with the cartoon face lens, like that of popular Pixar and Disney Characters. With this lens users get adorable big eyes, and an adorable small button nose. These cartoon face lenses allow users to create Anime faces and 3D animated characters. 

Steps to Send a Snap with the Cartoon Face Lens 

Sending snap using Snapchat is very simple as it is a user-friendly platform and aims at providing easy access to its users. You can follow the below mentioned steps in order to send a snap with the cartoon face lens without facing any issues.

  • Open the Snapchat Application: Firstly you need to open the application. In case you don’t have it you can download it from the Playstore on your device.
  • Login to Your Account: Once you install the application you need to login to your account by inserting all the details. If you don’t have an account, create it by using your email address or phone number.
  • Provide Access: Once you login to your account you need to provide access to your device photos or gallery.
  • Open your Camera: Swipe left and access your camera or you can also tap on the profile symbol on the top left corner.
  • Activate the Lens: As a next step you need to activate your lens by facing your face towards the front camera. Tap on the bottom in order to activate your lens carousel.
  • Search for Cartoon Face Lens: Surf on the Snapchat or utilize the search bar to look for the cartoon face lens.
  • Apply the Chosen Lens: Tap on the lens icon in order to apply the lens on your face. And in real-time the lens will transfer the cartoon face on your face.
  • Capture a Selfie: Now by hitting the shutter button click a selfie or video.
  • Edit if You Feel: Once you click the selfie you can also add a creative component to it.
  • Preview: Look for anything which you feel is missing.
  • Share: Now finally you can send a snap with the cartoon face lens to your loved ones. 

Send A Snap With The Cartoon Face Lens Tips

  1. You can do face swap on snapchat while having fun with your friends and to make others laugh.
  2. On snapchat you can also create your own filter in case you don’t find the type of filter you want. 
  3. You may not get access to use or get benefits of some filters as they are limited to your exact area. 

Hence, these are a few tips available on snapchat that you can use to enjoy with your friends, make others and yourself laugh and to add some fun into your boring life.

Reason Behind the Popularity of Cartoon Filter

You all must be curious to know why people are so excited about this cartoon filter and want to send a snap with the cartoon face lens to their dear ones. So here we will try to mark an end to your curiosity.

  • It allows the users to transform themselves into their desired Disney and Pixar character.
  • Users can post themselves as Disney Princess and prince, thereby recreating Iconic movie characters with an ease.
  • It makes the audience appear cute and adorable with enhanced features.
  • It enables them to get greater attention on social media. 

Top 6 Cartoon Filters

As now that we have provided you with complete information regarding this cartoon face filter along with the steps about how to send a snap with the cartoon face lens, let us also tell you about various other popular filters.

3D Cartoon Style

3D Cartoon Style

When users apply this filter they get exaggerated features on their face like big eyes, small nose, edgy jawline, etc. This is one the most popular lenses available on snapchat.

Cartoon Kid

Cartoon Kid

The Cartoon Kid lens transforms the user’s face into a small kid face. This filter adds up features like round face, big nose, voice change in case you record video and more. It is you of the popular choice among youth who often use this filter to create nostalgic videos.

Cartoon Animal

Cartoon Animal

This filter is fun to use which adds a nice flair to your photos and videos. As the name sounds it provides various animalistic features to users like, dog, bunny, cat, unicorn etc.

Doodle Cartoon Lens

If you’re familiar with complete factors related to this filter, you will remember the stickman character. Well, you can switch to this filter in order to convert your face into a character. With a mount and squinty eyes, you will resemble a stick figure.

Anime Style Lens

For anime lovers, Anime Style Lens might become their favorite snapchat filter. It’s a primary way to transform your face into a classic one!

Sparkling Cartoon-Style Lens

It can turn out your face by transforming your facial features into a 3D View by filtering your eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, forehead, and even by transforming your hair colors. you will be liking capturing your face as a disney character.

Why are Cartoon Filters on Snapchat So Popular?

Cartoon Lenses have become quite popular on Snapchat for multiple reasons, which are as follows:

  • Self-Expression: Snapchat’s cartoon filters provide an engaging application for users to represent their talent. They can experiment with several looks and personalities to create original content.
  • Fast Sharing: These Lenses are easier to share with friends and followers. Users can share their cartoon-filtered content with their friends and contacts by sending pictures or posting them on their Stories.
  • Social Media Trends: Snapchat’s cartoon filter has been included in many social media challenges and trends. By using special lenses and adding their own creative spin, users participate in these trends, which helps increase the popularity and visibility of the filter.
  • Enhanced visual experience: Snapchat’s Lenses use cutting-edge technology to deliver an intuitive and lifelike augmented reality experience. Animated filters accurately capture facial movements and use dynamic effects to deliver a visually pleasing and engaging experience.


Snapchat Cartoon face filters have become one of the dynamic ways in which we transform your selfies. It provides the users various different enhanced features which meets up with high expectations of the digital world. These filters range from classic cartoons to superheroes faces and more. So go try out these amazing filters to add a bit of flavor to your beautiful pictures.