You can access anime shows, anime films, and other content on Otakudesu, one of the best free anime streaming websites.

It is the ideal anime streaming service with a ton of features, making it simpler for users to access the site and stream their preferred anime.

Some of Otakudesu’s Key Features –

 Large collection of anime:-

Otakudesu have a big collection of anime films and series in both dub and subtitled versions. The library has a wide selection of anime, featuring adventure and slice-of-life shows. You may also read news and comments about upcoming anime movies and television episodes.

The library is organized, unlike other anime websites. This is due to the filter option being present in the search box. You may filter anime with that button according to several parameters, including Type, Status, Genre, and others.


The website is updated with the newest releases of new films and episodes. You can usually find an episode of an anime within 1-2 hours after its release. You can request titles on the website, and such requests will also get daily updates.

Resolution and Experience of Streaming

Every single person dislikes watching anime in low definition. Only a small number of websites offer or provide access to free high-resolution anime.

One of these websites, offers its users this option without charge if they have a trustworthy internet connection. You can choose a lesser quality and stream anime if your connection is unstable.

The website provides a feature for smooth streaming to enhance the viewing experience for users.

Is using this platform secure?

Malware is currently one of the main problems with streaming services. Otakudesu does not endorse or sponsor any malware. Similar to Otakudesu there are many more site providing the same content with premuim quality such as Kisskh, Zoro, KissAnime and others. They have also made sure that no malware may infect you via this site because there aren’t any advertisements on it.

Devices are safe from malware intrusion as spyware typically enters through ads, of which there are none to be found.

Without requiring an account, your private information won’t be at risk of being compromised due to any security breaches. Thanks to the website’s free service, there’s no need for them to gather any of your personal data.

Your account preferences necessitate the provision of both your email address and chosen password. Though establishing an account is not obligatory, access to it is available for all users.

An email address and password are mandatory for setting up an account on the website. If you aim to create an account, having these two things will be essential. Do note that setting up an account is not required.

To create an account, an email address and password are required. However, it’s optional whether or not you choose to establish a profile on the website.

 You may save anime movies or entire anime series for later watching by creating an account.

Is this platform legal?

It can be argued that the website is illegal because it doesn’t have an official license to broadcast the anime it hosts. If they only had a license to stream, they wouldn’t have needed a separate page for Copyright submissions on the website.

Unlicensed content streaming ought to never be encouraged. Streaming unlicensed content could result in a fine or other punishment, depending on the nation in which you reside.

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