It is the time OTT platforms are booming all over the world.  For example, look at a nation like India where there are people with all sections of economical wealth, despite OTT has taken over cable TV. It has indeed saved the money, but overall margin can be taken care well. Otherwise, things can become like where humans are finding different ways to consume the content. And this would be something people do not like it at all. But they do it as there are not better ways to move ahead and set best and right examples to follow for the people.

Netflix making a move

See Netflix had a loop hole. Like one can take family pack and it can be shared with various families and hence, people in India and all over the world were making the cost lower. But it was not helping Netflix to move well ahead of times and make an impact. But the change came in August 2023 and now other platforms are following it. Now from one internet connection you can play Netflix at one station. This has made the Netflix subscription better in India. But overall they would not stay as the rates are high indeed. And it’s not about Netflix as there are other OTT platforms too and that can make one spend a lot of money and this is why they go to Foxi and consume the content like this.

Because here pop-up ads can be, which is not a positive. But overall cost can be a factor as these platforms are free. And cost-free is the outlook that works well to the people.

This is why OTT platforms have to come up with plans for making sure that they can make the best of money. And it is the need of hour.

Cut cost

The overall subscription should be the same and it should not go ahead for some time. Like people should not see that after just one year they would make the cost bigger and six to seven OTT platforms can take a lot away from the people as not everybody is rich. And they don’t care but many people do.

Hence, taking things in deep would be the best for them to move better and gain more number of people. And by the end, only two to three top players should be at max. By using platform such Bflix, MoviesMp4, and other, even they should not gain advantage. Because population of India make sure they can make money and then ads can come in form of L shape ads of still graphics and all. This can really work to cut the cost. As people do not have problem with that.

Final Words

Proxy platform such as Foxi, Moviesurl, Bflix and many more is the present for all around the world . But it should not be the future. Otherwise, things would be not so well. This is why the overall approach is needed for making sure it can bring the best to the people. This is a key way of opening things well and make OTT perform well now and in future to the core level.

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