The FIFA Women’s World Cup is always an event that creates much excitement. This year the event has two host nations, Australia and New Zealand. Two-time champion Germany was recently knocked out in the finale to the group stage. The second lowest-ranked team, Morocco, now advances to the knockout stage. Upsets like this can shake up the betting on the event. What will also make this event unique is the presence of Tazuni, the 2023 mascot. Before the tournament started, she was already making appearances on social media platforms and at community events. 

Tazuni resonates with the youth

Tazuni is a soccer-loving, 15-year-old penguin. Her name comes from a combination of her home in the Tasman Sea and unity, a core value of the tournament. She has a distinctive tuft of blue hair and is confident and streetwise. The FIFA Secretary General hopes that Tazuni will help to inspire the next generation as women’s soccer continues to grow worldwide. 

The U.S. women’s national team (USWNT) has won four out of eight World Cups since the tournament started in 1991. However, it is facing a tough challenge from rising teams in a globally expanding sport. The team is younger and more diverse than before.    

England was ranked fourth when first entering the tournament but is now at the top of the odds board with +300. As the knockout state looms, Spain is at +400 and the U.S. is at +450. With the U.S.A. no longer at the top of the odds board, those in the U.S. who want to bet online may have to revise their bets. They may want to rather bet on who will win the Golden Boot or whether the team will reach the semi-finals. 

Tazuni’s origin story

The story goes that Tazuni first started playing soccer when she joined in with some kids who were playing on the beach. One evening she saw fireworks coming from a nearby soccer stadium. The kids she played with gave her a personalized soccer kit. She headed off to the stadium to show the world her talents. This story is sure to resonate with young fans who dream of a future playing professional soccer.  

Men’s soccer is very popular but women’s soccer is quickly gaining in popularity. An increasing number of online sportsbooks provide women’s soccer as a betting alternative. Gambling sites for real money all have their own rules and regulations and it’s important to understand them. 

Soccer as a means of expression

Tazuni was unveiled as the official mascot last year in October and has been working hard since then. New Zealand and Australia could have picked two different mascots but believed that Tazuni could represent them both. She is based on a penguin genus native to both countries. Some previous mascots were an owl, a cat, a fox, and a bird.  

Megan Rapinoe of the U.S. posed with Tazuni during a training session in July in Auckland for a distinctive photo of the two blue-haired girls. 

Tazuni is like millions of youngsters across the world that use soccer as a means of expression. She stands for everything that makes the Women’s World Cup unique. 

The final

The tournament began on 20th July and the final will take place on 20th August 2023. It kicked off in Auckland and the final will take place in Sydney. You can learn more about the world cup women’s standings on sports websites. The tournament and its mascot will provide inspiration for a new generation of soccer fans and enthusiasts around the globe.

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