We all love to take care of our pets but not everybody’s parents allow us to bring in pets at home. So this article is going to be like a surprise gift for all our readers who want pets but are restricted. As here in the blog, we are going to discuss Cosmic Values, a platform that brings in virtual pets for the players. This blog is going to be completely centered on this particular platform and the ways in which you can access and use this platform. Thus stay tuned to this page till the end to get yourself enlightened with the crucial information about this platform.  

Know About Cosmic Values

Cosmic Values is an online website solely made for the players of Pet Simulator X. With the use of the website players of this game can configure the values of the pet they are owning. Once they have estimated the value of the pets the owner of the pets can understand and also takes careful next step. This platform is going to be the best go-to source for the pet simulator community, through which you can determine the values of your pet. Furthermore in order to extract benefits from this platform for yourself you can visit petsimulatorvalues.com. 

Features of Cosmic Values

Cosmic Values has multiple smart features that make it a top choice for users to estimate the values of the pets that they have been holding on to. We have mentioned some of the top features here in brief. 

Real-Time Notifications: Users of this platform will get real-time updates regarding any kind of changes in pet values, along with every single minute detail.

Inclusive Pet List: The website provides the users with a comprehensive list of pet simulator x via cosmic values. This list helps the players to make decisions regarding their progress and the pet they want to opt for. 

Correct and Trustful: The team that has been working tirelessly behind the curtains of the cosmic makes sure to not disappoint its users. They provide real and accurate pet values, thereby building trust and confidence among the users and their audience. 

Pet Comparison: The platform provides a pet value comparison tool, which allows the players to differentiate between the values and attributes of various pets. With the effective use of this feature, you can build a strong strategy. 

Value History: Through this feature of browsing the history of the value of pets you can estimate the future of the pets on the past analysis. The insight into the history will give you a greater overview of the pet and its effectiveness. 

Steps to Acess Cosmic Values

Now after reading about the features you must have gotten overwhelmed about knowing the steps following which you can access the platform of Cosmic Values. So to end your search we have mentioned some of the simple steps following which you can use this platform easily. 

Step 1: The first and the most crucial step is to open any of your preferred “Browser”, on your personal device. 

Step 2: With the use of the search bar provided by the browser look for the official website of Cosmic Values

Step 3: Now that you have landed on the official website through the link given in the SERPs, surf through it.

Step 4: On the homepage of the website you will see the pet list along with the pet values, you can either view the whole list or the value of your desired pet by entering their name on the search bar. 

Step 5: After clicking on the pet name in the search bar you can view the value of the pet successfully. 

Ways to Find Pet Value With Cosmic Value

With the use of Cosmic Values, users can determine their pet values very easily and in this section, we are going to discuss about three most effective ways in which you can do so. 

Booth Values

With the Booth Values features provided by this platform users can see the present values of the pets by just following some simple steps. This feature and way of determining the et value proves highly beneficial in making future decisions. 

Social Media

With social media handle of the website uploads all the pet values updates consistently. Thus users or players can also utilize the social media handles of the platform in order to understand the values of their pets.


The cosmic values are also present in the discord server where they can experience the discussions and share insights about the game. Let me tell you that Discord is an instant messaging platform with the use of which you can spread information just in seconds that too for completely free. 

Popular Cosmic Values Pet Sim X

Now that you have received a basic understanding of the Cosmic Values let’s also know about some of the popular pets on this platform. 

  • Cosmic Overload
  • Celestial Unicorn
  • Cosmic Beast
  • Lunar Wraith
  • Astral Fox

Most Desired Cosmic Values Pet Sim X 

After getting a basic understanding of the cosmic value PSX website, let us go to some of the most reputed cosmic pet SIM X values:

  • Cosmic overlord: It claims rules and skills as rules in cosmic hierarchy to pets, making it highly demanded by PSX enthusiasts.
  • Nebula Guardian: This pet is known for its attractive appearance and powerful skills, so it is a top option that is looking for both aesthetics and power.
  • Celestial Unicorn: This pet holds one of the highest cosmic pet SIM X values. This is why it is considered a precious occupation due to its grace and mysterious abilities.
  • Astral Fox: This pet has extraordinary cleverness and agility, thus it is an ideal option for those who are looking for courageous and challenging gameplays.
  • Cosmic Beast: This special pet has a combination of raw power with an attractive appearance, thus it can be considered an important partner.
  • Lunar Wraith: Since it is a devious pet with an incompetent aura and hidden abilities, it is an ideal choice for players who love mystery.
  • Galactic Dragon: Its intensive appearance and fighter skills make it a favourite option for those who love strength and dominance in the pet SIM X.
  • Starry Phoenix: This is a symbol of royal and commanding bird rebirth or renovation, thus buying it is actually a valuable addition for the player’s pet collection.

Most Popular Pets On Pet Simulator X

Here is a list of top 5 most popular pets on pet simulator X which can guide towards the mentionings:

  • Pixel Demon: It’s a precious pet with more than 7 Million Gems for which you need a pixel egg.
  • Golden Titanic Jolly Cats: This is a cat which is not easily available and even when it is available only for a specific time period with a gem value of 135T.
  • 404 Demon: It’s a mythical pet with nearly 1% hatching chance though it is valued at only 700K gems which is considered the strongest.
  • Huge Pony Pet: The hatching chance of this pet is nearly 2% with a value of 600 Billion Gems.
  • Huge Green balloon Cat: If you have access to the royal egg then, this is the most valuable pet you can hatch with a normal value of 90 Billion.

Most Expensive Pets On Pet Simulator X

Below provided is a short list that contains expensive pets list which is as follows:

  • Grinch Cat: This pet is available for a value of around 1.2B Gems which makes it an exclusive pet.
  • Huge Pumpkin Cat: This is a premium rarity pet which has a value of 150,000,000,000 diamonds that too for its normal version.
  • Helicopter Cat: It is valued for around 3,40,000 gems which seems an affordable value as in comparison with others.
  • Huge Party Cat: It is quite expensive pet which is available for 340,000,000,000 gems for its normal version that cannot be hatched.
  • Scary Cat: It has a value of 175,000,000 gems which was also available as the Halloween Gift in 2022.

Benefits of Using Cosmic Values 

Using the Comic Values to determine the values of your pets also has several other crucial benefits. Enlisted here are some of the top excellent benefits of this platform. 

Strategic Decision Making: By receiving the correct and reliable analysis and insights about your pet you can make better decisions, thereby keeping track of your pets and making them more strong for the coming future. 

Competitive Comparison: When you compare your pets comparatively you get to understand the effectiveness of your pets. And once you understand that about your pet as well as the competitor’s pet you can set goals against your competitors. 

Tracking: Tracking the progress of the pets will make the player aware of the pros and weak sides of their pets. With this analysis and proper tracking, you can work in that direction and become the winner of the game by overcoming them. 


In order to conclude we can say that Cosmic values are one of the excellent options for the players to determine their pet values. Apart from knowing their pet values, they also get their hand on exciting and rewarding in the context of the online pet game. It is due to the features and the enhanced offerings made by this platform that the platform has become users’ favorite thereby becoming worthy and more credible. 

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