If you like Korean and Chinese dramas, you should install the newest version of the KissKH drama app on your smartphone or computer and would like to view and download them for free. This new streaming software’s latest version is required to view episodes and other stuff without cost. This service is accessible on their website and in any official app store. On this page, we will discuss what Kisskh is, what are benefits of KissKh are, how to watch movies and many more things. We also discuss some alternatives to the KissKh program. 

What Is KissKH?

It is a drama app that publishes K and C dramas developed by Kiss Kh. The app is developed for users who operate android and iOS across the globe. Users who want to stream K and C dramas without paying any amount can switch to the KissKH app. This works as a blessing to stream without purchasing any plans. Through this platform, users cannot only stream these dramas but they can also stream or download other movies, TV Shows, Web shows, etc.

Information about App

The application is suitable to access in android system and in IOS system as well. Its latest version is v9.8 and it is available in 9.8 MB size. This entertaining app is developed by Kiss kh and is suitable to access at free of cost.

How to Change Subtitle in KissKH App?

The app also supports change in subtitle style in KissKH app. If you want to change the subtitle style it can be done by following the steps:

  1. Open settings on your device.
  2. Click on accessibility then on caption preferences.
  3. Click on caption style and size.
  4. Users can select the text size, fonts, and caption size.

Key Features

Followings are the key features of KissKh application:

  1. Easy-to-use interface.
  2. Uploads latest dramas.
  3. Supports subtitles and caption style.
  4. Accessibility to multiple devices.
  5. Serves multiple themes.
  6. HD Quality present on website.
  7. Free to stream and download.

How to Watch Free Movies With just A few Clicks Using KissKH Apk Download Platform?

By offering content with multiple features and benefits, there is a process to watch free movies with just a few clicks using KissKH Apk. Below stated is a guide to watch content using Kisskh:

  1. Visit to the official platform of Kisskh.
  2. Download the app.
  3. Permit it for some formalities.
  4. Enables unknown sources from security settings.
  5. Open the app once it is downloaded.
  6. Visit the dashboard.
  7. Stream or download dramas and movies from the wide library.

The user will have greater control than only over the font style. 

  1. How big, how little, and what hue the word is.
  2. Background colour and brightness.
  3. The translucent script, carefully crafted borders, and well-placed highlights all.

Benefits of KissKh

  1. KissKh is the most cutting-edge and recent app for viewing dramas.
  2. An intuitive interface packed with information on many forms of media.
  3. Subtitles may be shown, and their appearance can be customised.
  4. Smartphones and other mobile streaming devices are supported.
  5. Add a wide variety of elements.
  6. It’s possible to stage a play.
  7. You can either sign up for a complete account or watch as a guest.
  8. Excellent quality content.
  9. It doesn’t cost anything to either view or download.

How to Watch Free Movies on KissKH? 

You can read more information about the features above and media material and download and install this new streaming software on the developer’s website.

Give the program you’re installing access to everything on your device, and make sure your security settings permit software installations from sources you still need to verify. After installing the program, the home screen lets you explore movies, TV shows, and other entertainment.

How to install Kiss KH on your computer 

You can use KIssKH on your computer with an Android emulator. Although other Android applications are available, BlueStacks will be utilized for this research. It is compatible with Macs as well as PCs running Windows. The setup for BlueStacks is simple. To use BlueStacks, get the file from the site and launch it. Installing the engine might take some time because of the file size you’ll download it from.

It is possible to get error warnings during the system starting, such as “Hardware acceleration is not available on your system” or “This host supports Intel VT-x, but it is disabled.” Bluestacks and similar virtualization software allow you to effectively install a whole new OS on top of your current one. Virtualization applications benefit significantly from having their hardware acceleration capabilities activated.

Alternatives to the Kisskh

This is a popular website for seeing Korean movies. There are a variety of alternatives to Kisskh if you cannot access it or like to explore other possibilities. You may view various films and television series on these sites.

Like this one, but with an emphasis on Asian media and animation, is Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll provides plenty of content for fans of this genre, thanks to its extensive library and active user base. Hulu is another choice, and it’s well-known for its vast library of current and classic TV series from major networks like NBC and ABC.


What is Kisskh app?

This application that offers K and C dramas at free of cost.

Is it available at free of cost?

This is available at free of cost, users will not be asked to stream or download media content.

Is it safe to visit Kisskh app?

Yes, the application does not asks you for any personal details but still you have to be careful before accepting the terms and conditions.