Gimkit is a smartphone app that simulates the feel of a digital quiz game while teaching various subjects. Students and instructors at their registered schools may access it on mobile devices for use in the classroom. One of these high school students conceived it and named the app while working on a school assignment.

As a result, it has developed classroom-friendly software that he imagined would be most enjoyable. He believed this even though he understood that using games to learn was a delightful method of education.

The latest iteration of this project is an educational app with many quizzes for users to take. Users of this software can access various methods to test their knowledge, and they may choose whatever method they want.

What Is Gimkit?

Gimkit is an educational online quiz game. The game is designed to encourage further learning by providing questions and solutions to its young players.

The game-like presentation of the multiple-choice questions that make up the game is intentional. Students create and are responsible for the upkeep and functioning of this database management system. This makes the equipment user-friendly enough for students in kindergarten through twelve to participate in the activity.

The questions are relatively easy, as seen by the fact that many responses are provided in color-coded boxes underneath each one. The instructor will determine whether or not to include student-submitted questions in the ongoing activity.

Since it contains games that the entire class may play simultaneously or that each student can play on their own time and at their speed, it can also be utilized as a tool for students to use while working on their projects.

How does Gimkit work?

The Gimkit app is only available to educators who can prove they have registered. Upon completion of all required registration procedures, the educator will grant this approval.

A valid email address or a Google account is all that’s required. Teachers can administer individual quizzes and play live, classroom-wide versions of games when submitting lists if the games support these features.

Students may access the LMS tool selected for them by entering a code provided by the instructor. They may now enter the course without having the instructor repeatedly write the code. The rest of the process is instructing students via a centralized account under the teacher’s control. In addition to being user-friendly, the game also provides access to game analytics.

How to play on Gimkit?

The process of signing up is simple and easy to use.

  1. Once you sign up on Gimkit join, the game can be accessible directly.
  2. Only an email account is required to sign up on the platform. 
  3. Students can join the game directly through a website or email invitation. 
  4. The game host or teacher will give you a Gimkit code to start your quiz. 
  5. Once you sign up and enter on the Gimkit website it will open a dashboard for you.
  6. You can create a new kit of subjects for you.
  7. Enter game code from game hosts.
  8. Then join your quiz game.

Which Gimkit game is the best?

There are more than 10 games available on gimkit so that users can become even more engaged with the questions. Students’ increased participation in the quizzes will make this a reality. There are games like “Humans vs. Zombies,” “The Floor Is Lava,” and “Trust No One,” which is essentially video game but depicts a detective’s daily routine.

The software is helpful for students since they can do assignments at their leisure. This software can help even for educational purposes like completing assignments.

Top Gim kit Features You Should Know About

Gimkit join consists of multiple features and benefits that will be beneficial for users. The followings are the top features:

  • Multiple Gaming Options: Users can create millions of question combinations. As the platform provides you with wide chances of creating your own quiz.
  • Free-of-cost Usage: You don’t have to pay money to access it as the services offered by it are free to access.
  • Accessibility: Players can access the platform through multiple devices such as mobile phones, laptops, desktops, computers, tablets, etc.
  • Rewards and points: More correct guesses been made, and more rewards will be issued to you.
  • The quiz games: Also known as “kits,” may be created from scratch, imported from Quizlet, as a CSV file, or selected from an in-built gallery.
  • Use the kids: Prize money to maintain their enthusiasm for the activity. This strategy is one technique to maintain the kids’ engagement throughout the game. Players progress through the game and earn in-game currency for answering questions properly.

Gimkit Pricing: How Much Does Gimkit Cost?

The Gim kit cost plan is free. However, it only allows for five players every game. However, it is free to use with advanced features. However, its Pro package charges $9.99 Per month and annually charges $59.98. Even free usage has basic and special features. But, this pro package makes audiences accessible to higher features where you can also upload images and audio into your kit. As a result, you may play any game you choose, complete any objective at your leisure, and even personalize you’re in-game gear collection with music and pictures.

How to access Gim Kit in an efficient manner?

  • Resources for exam

The youngsters should use KitCollab’s provided resources to create their exams. This ensures all students are engaged throughout the lesson and leave with new knowledge.

  • Exercises

Give your students a wide range of warm-up exercises using the platform. Give your pupils some practice exams before you plot out your lesson plans. You can gauge your student’s current level of comprehension and plan accordingly if you do this beforehand.

  • Look for volunteer-led

Make sure your kids know the regulations by posting them on the boards. Some classrooms encourage students to form smaller groups to share a single technology resource. This is a novel option to consider. This allowed them to circumvent restrictions placed on their spending total.


Gimkit is a learning platform that will let you play at the same time. This is a digital quiz game that can be handled by teachers. It is applicable to both in-house learning and outdoor learning as well.

The platform is designed to be accessible to K-12 Age group students. Students can enhance their knowledge by learning in an attractive way. However, recognizing that live games may be useful tools for teachers is a good first step.

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