In Tokyo Ghoul, a tragedy about tragedies is depicted. Tragic events not only occur in the story itself but also the lives of the characters. Eto Yoshimura, the so-called One-Eyed Owl, the only natural ghoul, the creator of Aogiri, and the co-holder of the title of One-Eyed King (along with Arima), is one of the unfortunate victims who must endure life in this cruel world. She fights alongside Kishou Arima to topple the Bird Cage and establish a world where ghouls will coexist peacefully.

Eto’s Birth and Origin

Ukina and Yoshimura gave birth to the hybrid being Eto. They made Yoshimura kill his lover as retaliation for “betraying” them because she had been covertly looking into the organization V. Yoshimura left his infant daughter with a ghoul named Noroi in the 24th ward who had her mother’s diary to keep her safe. Whatever happened in the roughly ten years that followed is unknown, but she would emerge from the 24th ward as a kakuja and start a bloody rampage.

Parent-daughter Relationship

Eto Yoshimura didn’t have a strong relationship with her father because she was raised apart from him. She felt a great amount of resentment towards her father for leaving. She only sees her father as a means to achieve her objectives. She is therefore comfortable using him in her experiments.

Since Ukina passed away not long after Eto was born, Eto only has access to her diary. Eto respects her highly despite this, though. She assures her mother that she won’t flee like her father and admires Ukina for her bravery. Since Ukina was determined to find V at the time of her death, this appears to be the motivation behind a lot of her actions. Eto Yoshimura, however, has doubts about Ukina’s love for her, considering her birth to be merely a byproduct of attempting to be near V.

Eto was present when Kaneki was presented to Tatara. After the meeting, Tatara delegated to Noro the management of the Aogiri hideout. Tatara instructed Noro to carry out their plan because she thought the Doves would arrive soon. Then Tatara and Eto departed to find their waiting allies. Tatara and Eto led many of Aogiri’s most powerful members in an assault on Cochlea during the 11th Ward Battle, liberating numerous hazardous ghouls in the process.

The One-Eyed Owl

The kakuja by Eto Yoshimura depicts a terrifying giant beast. This feature is crucial because it demonstrates how weak she is. She is a young girl who is angry at her lack of power while disguising herself as a powerful monster. It can also show how unsure she is of where she wants to stand: either in support of her father, leading a somewhat peaceful life, or to keep harboring that utter hatred for him. At the end of the day, she is just someone who needs “saving,” in the words of both Kaneki and her father, and her being naked inside her kakuja can also highlight the frustration and suffering she had to endure as a lonely child.

It’s in some ways the most well-balanced of them all because it captures her ultimate form of personality—her objectives, her worldview, and her essence—the best. She is said to pass away in this form.