Choso is a staple character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series and is one of the known Death Painting Wombs, which consists of him and his two brothers Kechizu and Eso. Out of the brothers, Choso bears a remarkable resemblance to a human male.

As a half-human, half-cursed spirit who has existed for one hundred and fifty years, Choso can be seen by both sorcerers and non-sorcerers because he has a body of flesh and blood. He is initially seen siding with Mahito and Kenjaku during the Shibuya Incident arc and also has a full-on battle with Yuji Itadori, but who is Choso, and where did he come from?

Personality: Choso JJK

Choso JJK: Choso is always seen with a bored expression on his face and appears to be a calm person, who doesn’t seem to want any attention. Although he is a half-cursed spirit, Choso does not go out of his way to harm humans like the rest of the cursed spirits, he is also not easily angered unless it has something to do with his family. He is seen to share a special bond with his brothers, which is why he instantly recognized Yuji during the Shibuya incident and quickly launched into battle with him, in an attempt to avenge his fallen brothers whom Yuji and Nobara killed.

He was deeply saddened when he felt the death of his brothers, which is why he joined forces with Mahito and Kenjaku in the first place. During the fight between Gojo and Jogo, Choso stayed out of the fight even though Jogo insisted on him helping him fight Gojo as all Choso wanted to do was to find and kill Yuji.

Choso JJK: The Prodigal Brother?

During the fight between Choso and Yuji, and a barrage of blows between the two. Choso gained the upper hand even though he was at a disadvantage. While standing over Yuji’s defeated form, Confused by this, Choso starts to question why this is happening. Before this, there is a glimpse of Sukuna who mocks Yuji questioning him as to how he could lose to such a nobody. The next scene shows Choso backing away in fear. It is unsure if he backs away because he senses the power of Sukuna, or if it was Sukuna who triggered this made-up memory to save Yuji.

Choso’s Revelation and the Unlikely Brotherhood

He later realizes that Yuji could potentially be his stepbrother. This possibility dates back to a few centuries ago when Kenjaku possessed the body of Noritoshi Kamo and used Choso’s mother as a vessel to give birth to him and his siblings. Kenjaku then possessed Kaori Itadori who later gave birth to Yuji. While this does not make them biological brothers, It’s safe to say they are related to some extent, making Choso the elder brother. After seeing the made-up memory, Choso chose to switch teams and opted to protect Yuji instead, his sole surviving brother.

Choso JJK Abilities: Blood Manipulation And Abilities

Choso is an exceptional special-grade cursed spirit, having mastered the art of blood manipulation. This means he can manipulate his blood and use it as a weapon. What sets Choso apart from the others is his ability in martial arts, this is seen as he takes on a barrage of punches from Yuji and blocks most of them as well. He is also tactically intelligent, as seen when Yuji lured him to place with water to dissolve the blood manipulation technique, Choso still came out on top by hardening the blood inside his body and using that to his advantage to defeat Yuji, even though he knew that this would hurt his body. Choso also possesses insane amounts of endurance and can fight for a long time even after his body has been hammered.