What is Anime adventures?

Generally, Anime Adventures is a game that revolves around the stories of Anime Characters, the enemies, the heroes, and their stories. If you love Anime, you will surely love to save your heroes and kill their enemies in this typical tower defense game. Here you can upgrade your favorite characters or players and also recognise the familiar places from the various anime series. There are various Anime Adventures codes you can find online that will help you collect gems and money to upgrade your game characters.

Why the tier list?

If you are a big Anime adventure fan, you should know that choosing the best characters can help you collect more gems and level up yourself easily. Hence we can help you here to choose the best characters in 2024 with our latest Anime Adventures tier list.  

The units and tiers

Typically the characters in Anime Adventures are grouped into four units that are named as the Hybrid unit, the Ground unit, the Farm unit, and the Summoner unit. All the characters are placed in either of these units.

The Tier ranks we are going to mention here are the Anime Adventures tier list <the Tier 0, the Tier 1, the Tier 2, the Tier 3, and the Tier 4.

Characters then you can choose accordingly from the tiers.

The tier list

Tier 0

This tier contains the strongest characters and you surely need them in your teams. The characters are Homura from The Time Traveller, Tango from The God of Flashiness, Luffo from The Gear IV, Fuji from The Admiral, Pride from The One, Aizo from The Final, Mamy from The Holy, Golden Freezo from The Emperor, Metal Knight from the Arsenal, and Usoap from the God.

Tier 1

The characters belonging to the Tier 1 are also the most powerful but not stronger than the Tier 1 players. But you can surely add them to your team because they can help you win. The players are Flamingo from The Awakened, Gyutaro from The Moon, Sayako from The Sapphire Blade, Kyoka from The Scarlet Lance, Dezu from The Vigilante, and Melio from The Assault.

Tier 2

The characters from Tier 2 offer great DOT, which means Damage over time. The characters are Sabo from The Flame Emperor, Itachi from The Susanoo, Endeavor from The Hellflame, Daki from The Obi, Greed from The Hunt, Shigaruko from the Symbol of Fear, and Haze from The Rage.

Tier 3

These players can play a role as the supportive characters but still, I will recommend you to choose from the above tiers. The characters are Oshy from the Idol, Lao from the ROOM, Puchi from the Heaven, Sukuno from the Sukuna, JIO from the Over Heaven, Kisiko from The Bankai, Wenda from The Wendy, Yoshina from The Spirit, and Emili from the Emilia.

Tier 4

The Tier 4 consists of all the worst players. Lord Boron, Emperor Whitehair, Crush from The Ace, Thor from The Awakened, Ulquiro from The Resurrección, and Red Scar from The Conqueror.