Due to the pandemic of 2020, many businesses have closed down thanks to the government’s restrictions. It’s understandable because they don’t want the virus to spread further. However, for casino-goers around the world, it’s an unfortunate thing since all businesses that have been deemed as non-essentials have closed down, and that includes casinos.

While they have the logical reasoning to do so, it’s necessary. However, this longing won’t be for long since, because of the pandemic, more and more online casinos have been popping up. With literally hundreds of online casinos on the internet, playing your favorite casino games has never been so convenient and easy. However, we can’t deny that online casinos have a mixed reputation at best. 

Reports and horror stories you can read online tell about people getting scammed at these online casinos. And while they may be rare and fake online casinos are the minority, it doesn’t erase the fact that you might be a potential victim of these fake online casinos. Thankfully, if you see the signs of legitimate casinos, you cut your chances of becoming a victim to almost 100%. So what signs should you be looking for? Here are some of them.

Reasonable Welcome Bonuses

One of the main reasons why people go to online casinos is their promotions. Because of the competitive nature of the online casino industry, most online casinos are running their promotions to entice more people to play on their online casinos. However, fake online casinos also do this, so people are still victimized daily.

To ensure the online casino is legit, you must see if the bonuses are reasonable and not too good to be true. Most bonuses for online casinos have some sort of a catch. For example, if the bonus is free money, you have to deposit a certain amount before you can get that free money. An example of a bonus that’s too good to be true in this context is that you can get free money even if you deposit below the specific amount.

The Casino is Well-Reviewed

The best part about checking an online casino is that there are dozens of review sites on the internet that you can go to if you want to see their reviews. That said, you can look up the casino’s name on the site and see the reviews of those who have tried playing on that specific online casino. If most of the reviews are good, then that’s a perfect sign. 

However, if most reviews are bad, like how they think the online casino is running a scam, problems with depositing and withdrawing, etc., that should ring alarm bells in your mind.

Fast Payout Speeds

Legit online casinos utilize the usual banking companies like Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal for their players’ withdrawal and depositing methods. Of course, this is important because these companies are usually fast regarding financial transactions. 

That said, if the online casino is fast when it comes to giving away payouts, then that’s a huge green flag for the online casino. This means that the online casino itself is most likely legit. However, if the payout speed is so slow that it can take a few days to get your payouts, it should raise a red flag. This usually means that they prolong holding out your winnings in an attempt to not give it to you in the first place.

They Employ Fair Gaming Practices

It’s a given that you won’t win every time you play Pennsylvania casino games. If everyone wins every time, the casino will be bankrupt in just a few days. That said, online casinos practice fair gaming practices, like using a random number generator for their games to ensure fairness. This means your chances of winning are random, and the games are fair. If you see their license and certifications, you can ensure they practice fair gaming.

They Have the Right Licenses and Certifications

Since online casinos are a business, it’s only normal for them to have a license and certifications for their business. Having a license means that the authorities have checked them and have made sure that they are not running any scams or aren’t affiliated with a shady organization. Also, having the certifications means that their games have been checked and the online casino has been audited to ensure they are fair and not rigged.

Final Words

Although most online casinos you can see are legit, it doesn’t mean you can be careless when picking the online casinos you want to play in. Even though there isn’t a lot, there’s still a tiny chance you can be a victim of a fake online casino someday. Prevention is better than cure, after all. That said, by following the tips we discussed above, you can make sure that you won’t be a victim of these scummy online casinos in the future.

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