Unfortunately, there can be instances whereby a casino may not pay out any winnings that a player may feel they are entitled to. This is something that can be a rare occurrence, but one that is also very common in the same breath. 

While most casinos will have incredibly high payout rates and will often honour when they need to, there can be instances where they will hold their ground and not allow the funds to be withdrawn or credited to a player’s account. There will usually be several very good reasons why this is the case.

What reasons can casinos have for not paying out?

As is always stressed when signing up for a casino site, reading the terms and conditions is important. These might be lengthy bits of text and are often filled with legal jargon that can be difficult to get your head around, but they can provide the “hidden” information that is not always made explicitly clear. 

This section will often outline certain guidelines that can help explain why a casino might not pay out a win. Common reasons can usually feature:

●     Unverified identity or account

●     A violation of the terms and conditions (of a bonus, fair use, etc.)

●     Technical issues

●     Insufficient documentation

How Can Players Get Around These Issues?

If problems arise and players cannot obtain a payout from the casino, they will want to see if they can address any of the issues that have been pointed out above. It might be something as simple as providing the required documentation or something in the terms and conditions that might be able to be cleared up. 

If they feel that they are being treated unfairly, they can escalate their claim and go to a site that can deal with online casino complaints for them, such as AskGamblers.

Online Casino Complaints Process

If a player decides to go through an online casino complaints process, they should make sure they have exhausted all possible avenues before going down this route. It is usually possible to resolve any issues or obtain answers from the customer support team about why a casino has refused to pay out with some dialogue. However, this may not always be the case, or they may not be as helpful as desired.

It is important to be advised that these processes can take some time and are not quick fixes. It can require a lot of patience and may not always be resolved in a timely manner. Essentially, players need to be prepared for all eventualities when it comes to this process, as a lot needs to be done to ensure the right outcome is achieved.


Everyone knows that the online gambling industry can be a complex beast, but they are not there to steal player funds and refuse any wins that may be achieved. Of course, they will not like handing over any money, but they will make it back from other players. 

Usually, if a payout has been refused, it will have been down to the player and a potential breaking of the rules set out in the terms and conditions. This highlights why they need to be read before signing up. In instances where players are hard done by, there is assistance that can be used to help them recoup the earnings they deserve and are entitled to receive.