Aaron Taylor-Johnson, actor, and Sam Taylor-Johnson, British filmmaker and photographer daughter is Wylda Rae Johnson. In 2009 after announcing their engagement, Aaron and Sam received a lot of media attention due to their huge age difference because Sam was 23 years older than Aaron and they have been together for over a decade and are considered a power couple in the entertainment industry. 

Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green

Kassius Marcil-Green was born on 15 March 2002 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He is an actor, known for The Night They Came Home, Normal British Series (2021) and Bryce (2023). Born March 15, 2002. She was born on the 7th day of July 2010 to Aaron Taylor Johnson and Sam Taylor Johnson as well as Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green parents were still engaged and were not married when she was born. She spent most of her childhood in London and her parents owned a villa in Primrose Hill but sold it when she was six.

Parents of Wylda Rae Johnson:

Sam was 24 years older than him at the time when she was 42, and he was 18. They immediately started dating and got married the next day. On June 21, 2012, after the official marriage, they took the surname Taylor-Johnson.

Wylda’s father, Aaron Taylor-John, is a 32-year-old actor. He was born on June 13, 1990. Aaron is known for his dramatic roles. He has also won several awards, including BAFTA and Globe Awards for Best Supporting Actor.

Sam Taylor-Johnson Sam, 56 years old, was born in London, England, on March 4, 1967. She is one of the popular photographer, filmmaker, and a talented director. 

Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado Age

Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado Age She was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, on February 2, 1977. She is the lone offspring of Nidia and William, as well as a Colombian worldwide big name. is worthless because she hasn’t started working yet. She was born into a comfortable life. However, there are parents who have made great strides in their chosen fields. Aaron Taylor Johnson her father is worth $16 million over his entire acting career and her mother, Sam Taylor Johnson, has a net worth of $20 million. The owner’s parents in Los Angeles are worth an estimated $4.13 million. Additionally, Aaron is said to own several high-end cars and motorcycles.