Writing a dissertation chapter requires careful planning, research, and organization. Each chapter should contribute to your overall research and thesis. Here’s a general structure for writing a dissertation chapter:

Chapter Title: “Title that reflects the content and focus of the chapter”


  • Begin with an introduction to the chapter’s topic.
  • State the chapter’s specific objectives and its relevance to the overall research.
  • Provide a brief overview of what the reader can expect in the chapter.

Literature Review:

  • Review and summarize relevant literature, theories, and prior research related to the chapter’s topic.
  • Identify gaps or areas where your research contributes to the existing body of knowledge.
  • Provide a conceptual framework for your research.


  • Explain the research methods and approaches you used in this chapter.
  • Describe your data collection procedures, including any experiments, surveys, interviews, or analysis.
  • Discuss the research design and justify why it’s appropriate for your research objectives.
  • If relevant, address any ethical considerations.

Data Presentation and Analysis:

  • Present your research findings in a clear and organized manner.
  • Use tables, figures, and other visual aids to illustrate your data.
  • Analyze the data, discussing patterns, trends, and any significant findings.
  • Connect your findings to the literature reviewed in the earlier section

Example of A dissertation Chapter: Introduction

The first media channel to provide Ocasio-Cortez with a communication platform and widely cover her policies and campaign was “The Young Turks.”After her first victory, she fast achieved nationwide media attention, which included many television shows and articles. Moreover, she also attracted a wide audience through media when together with Sanders, they campaigned for James Thompson in 2018. In Wichita, a rally had to be relocated from a showroom with a space large enough to accommodate over 1,500 attendances. The gathering attracted over 4,000 individuals, with some resting on the floor. Benjamin Wallace-Wells quotes in the “New Yorker,” “Sanders remains the de-facto leader of a continuously famous left to attempt things that are not accorded naturally to him (Guardian News & Media, 2018).” In these utterances, Wallace-Wells implied that Ocasio-Cortez had simplified Sander’s agendas since he could focus on her victory to demonstrate that views, once considered radical, were by then integral to the mainstream.

Writing a term paper online can be a convenient and efficient process. Here are the steps to guide you through the process of writing a term paper online:

  1. Select a Topic:
    • Choose a topic that interests you and aligns with the requirements of your assignment.
  2. Research:
    • Conduct online research using academic databases, online libraries, and reputable websites.
    • Take thorough notes and organize your sources.
  3. Create an Outline:
    • Organize your thoughts and create a clear outline with sections and subheadings

Example of a Psychology Term Paper Online

Until Ocasio-Cortez beat Joe Crowley in 2018, she received less attention from most conventional news media channels. Jimmy Dore interviewed Ocasio-Cortez after she declared that she would vie for a political seat in 2017. Afterward, after achieving the seat, Brian Stelter noted that progressive media channels, like “The Intercept” and “The Young Turks,” had projected the Ocasio-Cortez disappointment in advance (Guardian News & Media, 2018). In “The Washington Post,” Margaret Sullivan noted that conventional campaign viability measurement metrics, such as total fundraising, lead to media failure and that they required moving closer to what voters were feeling and thinking: their resentment and anger, pocketbook concerns, and vulnerability from power centers (Guardian News & Media, 2018). Therefore, one can acknowledge that Ocasio-Cortez’s progressive community activism and media uproar contributed significantly to his upward mobility.

Significant Accomplishments

Ocasio-Cortez eventually joined the Union for Democratic Socialists of America, which holds that “in a moral, prosperous America, no individual should be so poverty-stricken to live (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, n.d.).” Ocasio-Cortez’s first work of legislation co-supported the Green Deal agreement, founded upon the New Deal by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The law highlights a national economic forum that advocates for climate change and curbs social justice problems adversely affecting the country, such as economic injustice. It introduces jobs to support U.S. infrastructure within a decade (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, n.d.). Within 2022, she has co-sponsored or sponsored an estimated 100 works of legislation through the House of Representatives, of which 15 are now being endorsed as laws.

Ocasio-Cortez also later joined “the Squad,” which has progressed from its initial four members, Avanna Pressley (MA-7), Rashida Tlaib (MI-13), Cori Bush (MO-1), Ilhan Omar (MN-5), Jamaal Bowman (NY-16), and also to include Ayanna Pressley (MA-7). Through joint efforts, they represent a modern-day generation of dedicated politicians working together to support national legislative efforts such as the Build Back Better Act and the Green New Deal resolution. Soccer Olympian, Megan Rapinoe, defined Ocasio-Cortez during her interviews on views on the U.S. as an individual who has “effortlessly transformed the perspective of what politicians can be their place of oaring, and the manner in which they can overcome what they believe in (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, n.d.).” The final part of Ocasio-Cortez’s narrative remains a mystery.

The female gender has often been on the power margins in the U.S., especially black women. Women face structural discrimination more often than men (Sciences Po portal, 2019). Women of color are two times more likely to spend time in jail than that whites. Furthermore, they are three times more likely to succumb when giving birth than whites. All these odds were compared to countries like Uzbekistan and Mexico (Sciences Po portal, 2019). Income inequality is one of the major causes of poverty. In every dollar a white man earns in the workforce, black women earn $0.61, Asian women $0.85, Native American women $0.58, and Latina women $0.53. Among the most poverty-stricken citizens in the U.S., 14 percent are whites, Hispanics 27 percent, and black Americans 27 percent (Sciences Po portal, 2019). An estimated 14.5 percent of kids poverty-stricken are whites, as opposed to 46 percent of kids of color.

Women of color are increasingly the population most likely to remain enslaved in poverty, with, therefore, minimal access to the bottom-up approach. Indeed, politics have not been more likely a domain. The 435-seat U.S. congress has recorded at least 80 Congress black women throughout its two and half-century past: 20Hispanics, 47 blacks, and 13 Asian –Americans. Similarly, the 100-seat U.S. Senate, also established two and a half centuries back, has witnessed at least five black women senators: Catherine Marie Cortez Masto, Hirono Mazie, Tammy Duckworth, Kamala Harris, and Carol Moseley Braun, the first four being officeholders only within the last ten years (Sciences Po portal, 2019). Eventually, only 44 females were appointed as governors, and the total were women of color. Therefore, based on these facts, one can authoritatively assert that Ocasio-Cortez is a popular icon in the U.S. She has managed to defy the odds and contributed to the quest for American Dream single-handedly.

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