Cameron Herren is basically an American who was put into jail at the age of 24 years in April. He had a car crash that killed a young woman and her child. Cameron was born on September 9, 1999. He is a Texas convicted felon, TikTok star, social media influencer, media personality, and entrepreneur. 

But he became more popular when he was arrested for murder. Cameron is a social media influencer and TikTok star. He is also active on TikTok and makes lipstick videos on her account. So, do you want to know more about the current speculation about Cameron Herren’s life? Continue Reading!

Who is Cameron Herren? 

Cameron Herren attracted fans because of her appearance. But his involvement in a two-death crash in 2018 made him a convicted felon. Cheryl Herren was deported to another state. She later became regional vice president of Florida State Farm. Cameron Herrin’s father, Chris, also attended Texas Tech but majored in television and radio.

Cameron Herren’s Biography

Cameron was born on 9 September 1999 in America. He was sent to Jail when he was just 24 years old. His father, Chris Herren, works as a journalist and photographer. Cameron Herren’s parents are Cheryl and Chris Herren. He also has a younger brother, Tristan. Cameron’s mother, Cheryl, went to Texas Tech and studied art.

Real NameCameron Coyle Herren
Famous ForA Convicted felon, TikTok star   
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Nationality American 
Net Worth $800-950K
Marital Status Single 
Father NameChris Herren
Mother NameCheryl Herren 
Siblings Tristan 
High School Tampa Catholic High School

Cameron Herren’s Early Life

Cameron attended a Catholic high school in Tampa and got along well with his peers. He was good to his neighbours and was known to help people with small tasks. He is also involved in many of his favourite activities, including the Tampa Jet Ski Club.

Just like a regular day, Jessica was going to her home where she met with an accident. She tried to save by pushing the stroller into the streets, but unfortunately, she and her daughter didn’t survive. She died on the spot where her daughter died a day later. When this accident happened Cameron was Just a teenager. He was immediately arrested and convicted. Prosecutors were saying that Cameron and his brother Tristan were over speeding the car more than 60 miles per hour. John Barrineau, friend of Cameron, pleaded guilty and was sent to six years in prison, followed by fifteen years of supervised release. 

Cameron Herren Story

There are several factors that affect the world such as over speed and drunk driving. Celebrities often talk about their events, but once they get involved in any crime or any unusual incident, it becomes a permanent part of their lives. It also damages their reputation. Cameron Herren struck and killed 24-year-old Jessica Reisinger-Roubinault and 21-month-old Lilia on May 23 while driving his Ford Mustang.

The car had previously been a gift from Cameron’s parents, and he enjoyed taking it out on frequent drives. He made the decision to work out briefly at LA Fitness that day while he was driving and his brother was in the passenger seat. Cameron’s friend John Barrineau is also planning to join the same gym. John takes his car, and he and Cameron decide to run before going to the gym.

Both boys accelerated their cars, with Cameron going 100 miles an hour, about 2.5 times the legal limit. Both vehicles then attempted to cross the street, where Jessica, who was walking with her son, approached Bayshore Boulevard. John swerved to avoid him, and Cameron swerved to avoid John’s car. Sadly, Jessica and her baby were taken away. Jessica died instantly, and her daughter died a day later. Of course, Cameron, Tristan, and John were arrested..

What Happened to Cameron Herren? 

Police arrested Cameron Herren and John Barrineau after the horrific incident. Tampa Bay officials charged him. According to sources, John Barrineau is negotiating with prosecutors. A first round hearing is arranged for December 2020, that includes six years of prison and 15 years of probation. He pleaded guilty for over speeding and driving without a license. Meanwhile, the Texan “Racer” faces severe punishment. The girl’s father made it clear that those responsible for the deaths of his wife and daughter would be punished appropriately.

What About Cameron Herrin’s Family?

Cameron Herren is one of the popular celebrities who shares few details about his personal life on several social media handles. Moreover, after a lot of digging and scrolling his social media account, there are less details about his family background. As per some top resources, he is the youngest kid of his parents. After finding out a lot, we could find out about his father, Chris Herrin is working as an editor and a filmmaker. Apart from this, his mother, Cheryl Herrin holds the position of vice president at the State Farm Insurance Firm.

Is Cameron Herrin Dating Anyone?

Many of you might be eager to know the answer to this question as to which celebrity he is dating? Although Cameron has not shared any other detail about his relationship. Hence, there is no proper information regarding his present relationship status and girlfriend. Moreover, after seeing his old pictures, it is easy to guess that he is interested in spending his time with friends and colleagues.

Some Interesting Facts About Cameron Herrin

Let’s summarize some of the unknowns about Cameron Herrin:

  • Cameron Coyle’s real birth name is Herrin.  
  • Cameron Herren has several websites.
  • His brother Tristan was in the car when the accident happened.
  • Cameron is currently being held in the Graceville jail.
  • Cameron loves dogs.    


Cameron Herren is in dire straits. What he did cannot be denied. So the punishment is very heavy. Unfortunately, the court recently upheld his sentence of 24 years in prison. The sentence of Cameron grabbed a lot of discussion online, as the deaths of Jessica Reisinger and her daughter. Many people believe that the punishment to him is unfair as he was only 18 years old when this accident happened.

FAQs About Cameron Herrin 

  1. Who is Cameron Herren and what does he do? 

The famous American sprinter. He met with an accident where a  34-year-old Jessica Reisinger and her one-year-old daughter Lilian were killed by his negligent driving.

  1. How rich is Cameron Herren?

His net worth is estimated to be between $800,000 and $950,000.

  1. When is Cameron Herren coming out?

Cameron Herren will be released on May 12.   

  1. Who is Cameron Herren’s wife? 

Cameron Herren is not married. However, at the time of his arrest, rumours were circulating that he was dating a woman named Savannah.

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