The best footballer Baker Mayfield was mostly born on April 14 in the year 1995. The birthplace is in the US. The full name of the personality is known to be Baker Reagan Mayfield and mostly he is known to be Baker Mayfield. American nationality and mixed ethnicity are what he carries. Aries and the religion of Christianity are followed. He is mostly known for playing football which is his profession. 

Body measurements of Baker Mayfield:

The famous person known as Baker Mayfield has a height of six feet and one inch. He has a proper weight of ninety-eight kilograms. He also has a Grayish blue kind of eye color and he also has a hair color that is mostly brown. The measurement can be known as 40-32-35.

Education and family life:

The personality Baker Mayfield has studied at Travis High School. He landed at the University Of Oklahoma for high studies, he played football there and then he decided to make football his career and played different matches and also won them, he was born into a simple family and his parents are American The parents are James Mayfield and Gina Mayfield who is the mother and the father. His family has been very supportive of his choice of career. Emily Wilkinson is his wife and he has not revealed any other facts related to his past relationship that he had. 

Professional career: 

In the year 2014, Baker Mayfield won the state championship. In the year 2015. He started to play at Tennessee in the stadium of Neyland and was ranked 23. In 2016 he became the finalist also to gain the Heisman trophy in the year 2018, he played against New York in the year 2019, and he threw 285 yards. In 2020 he passed 189 yards. Baker was also sent to the Carolina Panthers and there they had a fifth-round draft pick that took place on July 6, 2022.

Awards and achievement:

The famous personality Baker Mayfield took home different awards such as he took the Heisman trophy in the year 2017.  There is also an award called Walter Camp in the year 2017. He is also known to be the press lawyer in the year 2017. He is known to be the twice sporting news player that is in the years 2015 and 2017.

Net worth: 

The net worth of the famous person Baker Mayfield is known to be dollar twelve million. Through his famous football profession, he played many different matches and tournaments and managed to make money. The annual salary he earns is $8,170,745 and he also signed a bonus that is $21,849,440.

Facts to know about Baker Mayfield:

  • He plays for Los Angeles Rams currently. 
  • He has his jersey number known as 17.
  • He also got arrested because of intoxicated publicity. 
  • He also was a part of the court date on April 7.
  • He said not guilty of all the charges that were levied. 

Social media:

He is present on social media and on Instagram, and he has his account under the name Baker Mayfield. He has a Twitter I’d of the same name and on Facebook, he is presented as BakerMayfield6. 


The boy Baker Mayfield is an aspiring player and he has managed to gain a lot of money through his profession. 


Q1. Where was Baker born? 

Ans. Austin, Texas in the US. 

Q2. What is the number of jerseys?

Ans. 17

Q3. Is he on social media? 

Ans. Yes.

Q4. How many wives does he have? 

Ans. One. 

Q5. What is his passion? 

Ans. Football