Making pace with this ever-changing technological advancement is not an easy task. All these tech achievements don’t happen in one direction and neither the information related to them are available at one single destination. To tackle these kinds of situations where users are not satisfied or do not get their desired experience while browsing, multiple platforms have been there on the internet. Today we are going to talk about one such platform named Techfelts, where users can receive all the tech information with just a single click. So embark on your journey of understanding this platform in detail by staying with us on this page till the very end.

Know About Techfelts

Techfelts a web-based platform has been growing largely popular due to its extensive services. The platform was created by Asif with the wider aim of providing all technological updates along with different tips and tricks that will help the users stay aware. The platform has different categories that have been divided based on the information they carry to make the platform highly navigable. Apart from getting tech updates, the users also get different tips and tricks through which the users can explore different ways or say tricks to enhance their use of social media to get a platonic experience. 

An Overview of Techfelts App

 For our avid readers and curious users who want to know about the Techfelts application, we would like to tell you that there has been no official announcement regarding the Techfelts App. To make it more precise there has been no official app on this platform but users may spot some third-party applications available on various sites. But we recommend our readers to not get their hands on such third-party applications. 

Steps to Access Techfelts

Techfelts has been designed in a user-friendly manner that makes it very simple for the platform to be navigated on the Browser. Yet we have enlisted some of the steps here to assist our readers in this process so that they can access this platform easily without facing any hindrance. 

  • Undeniably the foremost step is to open any of your preferred “Browser” on the device of your choice.
  • On the search bar of the browser type in Techfelts, and search to start the process of accessing the platform. 
  • From the appearing SERPs select the official website that is most likely to be the top web result.
  • As you click on the link you will land on the main dashboard of the platform with a plethora of articles. 
  • You can either surf through the homepage to look for your desired article or you can also utilize the search bar of the platform to look for any preferred article.
  • Tap on the article to open it start reading the article and get yourself updated with all the tech updates regarding the current environment.

Key Features Of Techfelts

Techfelts has a long list of features that has made this platform stand apart from all the other platforms, that claim to offer similar updates. Undermwtoned are some of the most unique features of this platform that help in enhancing the user experience. 

There are multiple features that are offered by Tech felts which is the only thing that makes audiences trustworthy and let them use your platform. Below given list will guide you through tech felts’s feature:

Wide Variety: Through this website, users will get access to an extensive collection of topics, contents, and even categories. It is through these categories that the user’s preferences and needs are catered to in the most suitable manner. 

Comprehensive Language: The platform understands the users’ need for simple and easy-to-understand content. Thus the blogs and articles present on this platform are written in a highly comprehensive manner, apart from that you will at times also come across pieces of information written in Hindi. 

Friendly Interface: The website is designed in a simple way and despite carrying such huge numbers of articles and blogs it does not slow down. Above all, it has fast-loading features that give a seamless experience to the users. 

Timely Update: As the field of tech sees a regular update and achievements the blogs and articles telling the information also require to be updated. Because you can’t miss any thrilling tech update or achievement that makes your task easier and simpler. 

How To Recover Deleted Photos Through Techfelts?

You will be required to follow a procedure to recover your deleted photos through tech felts. Below given process will take you through this guide:

  1. Open on a web browser through your device.
  2. Visit your mobile’s gallery where you will get huge collection of memories.
  3. Click on more buttons where a menu is placed and tap on recycle files button.
  4. You can recover the photos of last 30 days.
  5. After this, you can browse the section and select your preferred photos.

Categories Offered by Techfelts

As we have already mentioned at Techfelts users get a wide variety of collections, it is undeniable. This wide variety has been divided into various categories to make the information more presentable as well as navigable. Here we are going to enlighten our readers on some of the popular categories of this platform in brief.

New Ringtone App: Under this category, the writer of the platform makes sure to tell readers about any new launches of the Ringtone app. This update about the ringtone app will help the users to put on the latest tune of the market and make a strong presence among its known. 

New Android App: In the Android app section you get to know about the latest launches of apps that are easily compatible with Android devices. These details about apps are not restricted to one genre rather they range very widely which means you can get to read about health apps, education apps, and many more. 

Free Call App: with this free call app we mean that users will get to know about different kinds of call bomber apps. Through this information, you can prank your friends’ families or any of your close ones. 

Whatsapp Tricks: Through the use of different WhatsApp tricks suggested by the Techfelts you can use WhatsApp like never before. You will get to about certain features of WhatsApp that you have seen before and maximize your experience with the platform.

Popular Posts on Techfelts

Listed here are some of the most popular article and blog of Techfelts that has created a sensation among the readers as well as the users. We have enlisted them here so that you turn to this highly popular blog in which we have talked about those popular apps that have proven to be very useful for users. 

Techfelts Phone Number

In this article of techfelt, you will get knowledge about various apps that can help you to call or contact any number worldwide, like free call apps that enable you to enjoy cheap calls globally. You can read this article and avail the incredible features of such an app.

Techfelts Photo Recovery

This topic covers the methods of getting back your deleted photos, videos and documents.  When you will read this article you will get knowledge about such a fantastic platform that offers you a range of features and allows you to recover your deleted stuff as well as find the duplicate ones. 

How to Set Photo on Phone Dialer

This post on the platform gives users a way to make their phone dialer engaging by offering some excellent apps that give a feature of adding a personalised call dialer. It also offers an ultimate collection of wallpaper to set on your dial pad and make it attractive.


Through this blog, we have tried our best to impart knowledge to our readers about Techfelts. This platform is highly used for all kinds of people who are tech enthusiasts or those who like reading about different stuff and happenings around them. Users can access this website and acquire pieces of information about all the things that they feel like missing or interesting. As this platform is not going to disappoint you and will definitely cater to your needs. 

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