Canva, a visual communications system which is the unique of its type around the globe celebrates 10 years of innovation by launching Magic Studio. It is an AI-powered platform that bolsters Canva’s goal to make designing more accessible, empowering teams, individuals and companies to increase their creativity, boost their productivity and expand their brand.

Understanding Magic Studio

Many AI applications target professionals, are focused on particular tasks, or spread over multiple platforms. Canva tackles this problem by offering Magic Studio, a game-changing solution that streamlines the AI design process. Canva Magic Studio is born out of Canva’s efforts to make design accessible to all. It’s an AI-powered design platform seamlessly integrated into Canva’s suite tools. Magic Studio brings all the capabilities of AI together making it unnecessary for users switching between different tools or to undergo lengthy training.

How To Use Canva Magic Studio?

Steps to use Canva Magic Studio:

  • Visit the official Canva website and register yourself on this platform.
  • Once you’ve logged in, you can easily access Magic Studio from your Canva dashboard.
  • Get familiar with the tools and features that are available with Magic Studio.
  • Begin with your project immediately regardless of whether you’re creating Facebook posts or posts for other social media channels, writing marketing materials, or even writing articles. Magic Studio will be there to help you through each step of the way.

Tools At Magic Studio

With its unique capabilities to transform text into captivating photographs, you can explore a variety of fresh styles to create any outcome. You can also create captivating videos using images or text by using Gen-2, a video-making AI model created by Runway. Check out below:-

Magic Design:

Transform a suggestion or own material into stunning and professionally designed presentations, videos and much more. Accelerate the process of creating by entering your ideas by selecting colors, and then watching your designs develop ready to share or customized to suit your needs.

Magic Switch:

A revolutionary product that converts designs instantly into a variety of formats in just one click. Make a presentation, an executive summary or blog posts from an idea on a whiteboard, as well as translate it into a variety of languages as well.

Brand Voice:

Canva’s Magic Write Copywriting Assistant has been boosted by voiceovers for brands. It’s much easier than before to create content that reflects your brand’s tone of voice on any type of document or design. Just add a few instructions to the Brand Kit to generate on-brand content each time.

Magic Morph:

Transform your design to unique by instantly changing shapes and words into fresh patterns, colors, textures and styles by simply pressing a request.

Magic Grab:

A new method to transform your photos. Magic Grab can select and divide any subject in your image to allow you to modify, reposition, or even resize it.

Magic Write

Canva’s AI-powered generator to generate text content helps you summarize text sections within your document while editing it on Canva. It doesn’t matter if you want to write a copy for an advertisement or simply a text to use in your email or presentation, this AI powered tool works for everything. 

Magic Expand

Amazing photos after the photos have been taken. Magic Expand will save zoomed in photos or flip the vertical image horizontal by recapturing whatever is outside the frame.

AI Apps on Canva:

Canva Apps Marketplace puts the top AI-powered design tools and productivity software available on the market in one location. With access to world-class AI such as Dall-E, Imagen by Google Cloud, MurfAI, Soundraw and more.

Background Remover 

The most appealing thing is that the Canva Background Remover tool is able to work for video and images. From editing images for your profile image or editing product pictures, Canva Background Remover can come in handy with various programs.

Is Magic Studio Safe To Use?

Being a secure and private platform for all workplaces, the platform introduces a safety shield called Canva Shield. It is an industry-leading collection of strong privacy and security controls that ensures teams and businesses have confidence in their Canva creation. Canva focuses on secure and responsible AI built-in security controls to safeguard its users and their data. For businesses, Canva Shield has indemnification, which provides added peace of mind to businesses who design content using AI.

In default, Canva doesn’t use your material, such as the images you upload or text within your designs for training our AI models. However, if you’d like Canva to read your content to improve AI technology, you may choose to enable this through your privacy preferences. Canva possess strict guidelines to safeguard your privacy which you can alter at any point.

How Does Magic Studio Help?

Here’s what you can do using this unique platform:

  • Achieving success in Text to Image creation, Magic Media tool can also create short videos using an easy text prompt or an image created in Canva.
  • Reduce the time of sketching, imagining, rendering, or looking just by writing a simple prompt and watch it transform into a professional 3D artwork or a short video.
  • If you have a simple image, you can use the top AI images-generation software in Canva to transform your ideas into reality.
  • After you’ve made an image, you can play around with Canva’s Photo Editor to get it look perfect, or even alter it to create the result you want.

Magic Studio Real Use Scenarios

MagicStudio is the prioritized tool for individuals and businesses who are seeking to enhance their digital imagination. You can go through below mentioned pointers that will take you real life cases of it:

  • Social media: You can create profile pictures for your social media handles through this tool.
  • Content Creation: Users can generate images from textual forms in order to use them in articles, blogs, and muchmore.
  • E-commerce: Through this tool you can create product photos that can really change your profile in a wholesome way.
  • Marketing: You can use this AI tool to create visuals with attractive audios for promotions and campaigns.

Magic Studio Pricing Structure

MagicStudio has a diversified pricing structure to fit in different user needs. you can use the tool for free, but edited photos with its original watermark. But, if you want to know about its pricing plan then, below mentioned pointers can guide you:

  • Free Plan: It’s a basic plan that can be used and you can avail its features at free-of-cost.
  • Paid Plans: This pricing plan starts with $9.99 monthly, from where you can remove the watermark, access a high number of downloads, batch editing, and experience premium support.
  • Pro Plan: The plan required additional benefits such as high-resolution downloads without unlimited storage, watermarks, and a shared subscription across other editing tools.

Final Thoughts

Magic Studio with its wonderful new tools can improve your design projects in minutes. With some amazing creation tools, Magic Studio is an ideal platform to explore the world of AI graphic design and art, allowing you to bring your concepts to life in minimal time.