CT Scan full form Is computed tomography scan. The scan is done to help diagnose and investigate various condition in body including, in diagnosing tumors, investigating internal bleeding, or to examine internal organs injury  and damage or any other abnormality.

CT Scan is a diagnostic imaging procedure which uses a combination of X-Ray and computer technology to produce images of the inside of the body.

Why and for What a CT Scan Can Be Done?

A CT Scan can be used to detect the following, considering the list to be endless, a few are mentioned below-

  • Cancers types which can be benign tumors
  • Fractures or broken bones
  • Certain heart diseases
  • Any blood vessel damage appreciating clots and internal bleeding
  • Any brain injury
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Kidney stones
  • Any bowel disorders such as crohn’s disease, appendicitis, diverticulum, blockages.

What To Prepare Before The Scan?

The prep guidelines are usually provided by the health care provider as of what to do prior to the CT Scanning, which are as follows-

  • Visit– Our provider will tell you when to come to the appointment and if you need to visit early
  • Eat– You shall not eat anything at least 4 hours prior to your CT Scan
  • Drink– You should only drink clear fluids if to be taken like juice water, tea, coffee in the 2 hours leading to your appointment
  • Diabetic– If you are diabetic you should eat light breakfast or lunch only hours prior to the Scan. For your medication of diabetes you might be indicated not to use medication 48 hours after the CT examination, detailed instructions to be given after the scan by the provider or your physician 
  • Clothes– You should wear comfortable clothes.
  • Jewelry– You must remove any jewelry and clothes before the exam and wear a gown to be provided by your center
  • Allergies– You must inform your care provider center about any allergies if you have as sometimes a contrast medium is used while CT Scan which is injected into the vein or may give a barium drink for you to swallow to highlight you intestine.

What Can Be Seen in a CT Scan?

A CT Scan can create images of inside of human body showing-

  • Bones
  • Muscles
  • Organs
  • Blood vessels
  • Any defects or conditions or abnormalities in relation to any of above.

Guidelines if CT Scan is to Be Done With a Contrast Medium

  • Blood test–  you might need a blood test prior to the CT Scanning for your health care provider to determine that the contrast material is safe to use on you
  • Allergy Medication– if you develop allergic reaction to contrast agent used for CT Scan you might need to take steroid or antihistamine which is to be provided by the health care provider or your general physician.
  • Preparation solution– if you are indicated to swallow the contrast solution orally then you need to follow exact guideless as directed to you
  • Diet Restrictions–  you will need not to eat anything 4 hours before the exam and only to take clear fluids 2 hours preceding your scan.

Are There Any Risks Related To CT Scan?

  • The radiations that you will be exposed to during the scan are usually standard and inn safe range which usually doesn’t cause any side effects
  • If you are claustrophobic or have fear of closed spaces and crowded places you must tell your care provider beforehand as you might need anti anxiety medication.
  • You must tell your care provider if you are pregnant or think that you are pregnant.


There are a lot of diagnostic tools as science has advanced, one of them being CT Scanning. CT Scanning offers a painless and quick diagnosis for any condition or disease related to the inside of your body. As CT Scanning is an advancement that needs skilled personnel, you should choose your diagnostic center wisely. According to me Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging center is a well-equipped center that offers services in Delhi at various places which could be near your home. There are various centers for CT Scan In Delhi but Ganesh Diagnostics offers a reasonable price among them.

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