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COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, makes it hard to breathe, but inhalers can help. Think of inhalers for COPD as little breath-giving buddies, each with their style and ways to help your lungs. Let’s chat about the different pals you can have in your pocket to make breathing easier!


Advair is a special kind of inhaler. It helps people by using inhalers for COPD by getting medicine into their lungs. Advair has two meds that work together to make breathing easier.

One opens up the airways, and the other reduces swelling. It’s a purple disk-shaped device. If you use it twice a day, it can help you out.

Remember, it’s not for sudden breathing trouble. Always have a quick-relief inhaler for that.


Albuterol is a single-Dose Inhaler when your chest feels tight or you start coughing a lot. It comes in a small, hand-held inhaler. You take it, press it, and breathe in the medicine.

It works super quick to open up your airways so you can breathe better. Just remember, Albuterol is not for everyday use.

You use it when you need it right away to stop the cough or wheeze. Keep it with you just in case. 


Performomist is used to help your lungs when you have COPD. It’s a type of medicine you breathe into your lungs.

You use a nebulizer machine to turn it into a mist. This way, the medicine gets deep into your lungs to help you breathe easier.

It works slowly but lasts a long time. If COPD management makes it hard for you to breathe all the time, you can use Performomist twice a day to keep your airways open. It’s not for a quick rescue, so always keep your fast-acting inhaler close by.


Atrovent is another helper for people with COPD. This one comes in a spray.

You use it to make the air tubes in your lungs bigger, so air moves better. You puff it into your mouth four times a day.

It does not work right away like Albuterol, but it helps for a long time. Keep using your fast inhaler if you suddenly can’t breathe.

Remember, Atrovent is to help you all day long. Not for quick fixes!


Symbicort is an inhaler that can help you with your COPD. It combines two meds to help you breathe better. Now, inhalers can cost a lot, but you can save money on Symbicort. Check out ways to save on Symbicort on this website for deals, ask your doctor about samples, and look for discount cards.

Your insurance might have a plan to help you pay less. Don’t forget generic versions too, they work just like brand names but can be cheaper.

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In conclusion, inhalers for COPD are a big help. You have different kinds to pick from, and each one works in its way.

Some give quick help when it’s hard to breathe and others keep you going strong all day. Talk to your doctor to figure out which one is best for you and learn the right way to use them.

And don’t forget, there’s help out there to make them affordable, like savings plans and generics. Keep your quick-relief inhaler close, and you’ll have what you need to manage your COPD better.

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