As a world-renowned economic and entertainment epicenter, Los Angeles is regarded as one of America’s top cities, with many private airfields for hassle-free, line-free boarding. Each of the airports mentioned for private jet leasing in Los Angeles may suit the needs of the VIP business aviation sector.

Los Angeles Private Jet Airports For Charter Flights

If you choose Los Angeles for leisure or business travel, you will find many music venues, magnificent landscapes, and hundreds of art galleries. A brief year at a private jet airport in Los Angeles, with private jet rental cost, can do the trick for individuals who wish to experience the perks of private charter flights and California’s outstanding weather.

  1. Van Nuys Airport (VNY, KVNY)

Van Nuys Airport is one of Los Angeles’ most popular private jet airports and Southern California’s busiest general aviation airport. The airport is located within the city limits. Furthermore, it offers premium service to celebrities and business passengers onboard Los Angeles private aircraft and increases privacy.

Van Nuys Airport lies in the San Fernando Valley, close to Malibu, Santa Monica, and Hollywood. The 293-hectare complex has an FAA tower and two asphalt runways of 2,400 and 1,200 meters in length, respectively. There are also six FBO stations with various business-class aircraft services and other specialized activities.

The passenger terminal is a stunning metal and glass skyscraper with free Wi-Fi, private conference rooms, coffee, and a wine bar. Several contemporary hotels and fine dining establishments are located near Van Nuys Airport. Renting a private aircraft to Van Nuys will allow you to travel comfortably and experience all Los Angeles offers. VNY is the most significant airport in Los Angeles for private planes since it is ideally fitted to the demands of VIP clientele above and above the essential standards.

  1. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX, KLAX)
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Los Angeles International Airport, with unrivaled accommodations for private planes in Los Angeles, is one of America’s busiest and most essential airports. LAX is a good alternative for those eager to discover this magnificent city, which has a fantastic metropolis with a bustling resort economy, upscale shopping, green parks, and world-famous attractions along the Pacific Ocean.

Los Angeles International Airport is miles from downtown Los Angeles and near major California beaches. It was the city’s first municipal airport and could accommodate over 28 million people annually. Furthermore, with nonstop flights to 44 countries, the airport is a significant international gateway for the United States.

Four concrete paved runways, each over 2.7 thousand meters long, and two VIP terminals with advanced global aviation amenities. Furthermore, the private jet lax terminal has several gift stores, restaurants, cafés, and newsstands.

  1. LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT, KONT)

LA/Ontario International Airport, located two miles from downtown San Bernardino County, is an excellent alternative for customers with private charters to/from Los Angeles that prioritize safety. The world’s top airport trade organization recognized the airport’s safety efforts during the COVID-19 epidemic. This is also a great place to land if you want to visit the pubs, gift shops, and clubs within 38 miles of downtown Los Angeles.

The municipal government administers LA/Ontario International Airport, which comprises 705 acres and adheres to some of the highest standards in private aviation. There are two asphalt-paved runways, both over 3.1 km long. Furthermore, the passenger terminal is shown as two buildings with 29 landing gates and US Customs and Border Protection. Buses transport passengers between terminals and outlying parking areas. Furthermore, ONT provides rapid access to modern hotels through cab, shuttle, or vehicle rental services.

  1. John Wayne Orange County Airport (SNA, KSNA)
John Wayne Airport (SNA/KSNA)

If you want to explore surrounding California beach communities while still enjoying the benefits of business flying, John Wayne Orange County Airport is an excellent choice. SNA is a large airport with commercial services located 35 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Furthermore, this airport owns where private jets land in Los Angeles, and it offers a good assortment of services by worldwide standards.

The late John Wayne Orange County Airport is vital to the region, serving about 3 million travelers worldwide annually. The location includes two asphalt runways, one approximately 1,700 meters long, and takes giant private planes but is insufficient to service big commercial airlines. Furthermore, SNA offers two big FBO stations in Los Angeles with contemporary luxury terminals, hangar space, waiting lounges, and complimentary refreshments for private planes.

  1. Hollywood Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR, KBUR)

Hollywood Burbank Bob Hope Airport, located three miles from downtown Burbank in Los Angeles County, is another alternative for landing a private aircraft in Los Angeles. The airport serves communities in the western United States. It is the primary aviation gateway for those wishing to climb Mount Olympus or test their luck on the roaring Pacific surf. Private flights to the north side of the Greater Los Angeles Area are also available from BUR.

Burbank, CA Many major Los Angeles sites, such as Hollywood, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Griffith Park, are closer to Bob Hope Airport. Furthermore, it is the region’s only airport with a linear train connection to downtown Los Angeles and can accommodate around 2 million people annually. 

The 224-hectare facility has two asphalt-paved runways that can accommodate both small and large aircraft, as well as open approach zones with ILS. In addition, on the northwest side of the airport, BUR has two FBO stations with modern facilities and an extensive range of services. Furthermore, Hollywood Burbank Bob Hope Airport has its police force and is ideal for private jet clients in Los Angeles who prefer security and reduced congestion.


Which airport in Los Angeles to choose for a private aircraft depends on personal choice and planned destination. Each may transport visitors straight into the center of Los Angeles, allowing them to enjoy their stay along the route. Furthermore, traveling by private jet at a Los Angeles private airport saves you a lot of time due to the plane’s speed and the lack of lineups at distinct VIP terminals.