Cinema, particularly Theatrics, has been a part of people’s lives for longer than we can imagine. Before the emergence of technology and the art of filmmaking, people used to participate in acting in the form of plays and audiences would gather to watch them. Whether it was a small act of play performed by a group of few people or a grand act performed inside a theatre in front of an audience of many, the art of filmmaking definitely has roots in plays. Some of the most eminent authors and playwrights of the previous centuries are Rabindranath Tagore and William Shakespeare. These two are the pioneers of plays. Slowly, as time went by and technology got more advanced, favored by the discovery of electricity and television, we finally got what we have today. The beauty of technology is that, not only can we watch movies from our own country, but of other countries as well.

Downloading Movies

Many people like to watch movies online after downloading them from the internet. This is a good way to watch movies from anywhere, be it the comfort of your home, a time with your friends at their house or a cozy time with our family. Downloading movies can be a time consuming process but with the help of a stable internet connection, it can be done quite easily. If you are planning on downloading movies and watching them from the comfort of your own space rather than going to the theatre, then you can easily sign up for some of the platforms that are available in your area. Although most of them cost a certain amount of money for subscription, some platform said there that offer things to be completely free of charge. Another great place to look for movies is YouTube, because you can find lots of downloadable movies from there.


If you are planning on downloading movies on your device in an unconventional method then you can go for torrent based websites from where you can download the movies you are looking for. One such torrent site is called Moviesflix. Here, you can easily download latest movies, from different categories, at very high quality.


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Technology and entertainment

With the help of technology, we can do a lot of things. One that has increased substantially ever since the rise of the use of the internet by the common people is watching different movies an shows online. This is done with the help of streaming platforms which can be found online. Some of the most popular online entertainment platforms across the world are Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus. However, apart from those platforms, each country or region also has their own specific entertainment platforms showing regional tv movies and movies. Like in India, residents can sign up for entertainment platforms like Netflix, Hotstar or Voot and watch stuff there. These shows are available all across India. But there are also many regional media platforms solely based on regional entertainment programs.

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