There are a bunch of different sunscreen products available on the market, which is why it can be so confusing when you’re standing in the drug store aisle trying to choose the right option. It’s an important decision, too, as your skin and that of your family are at risk. In this brief blog, we look at five benefits of using an SPF stick for your kids. 

Most types of sun protection will offer some kind of barrier against UV rays, so it’s all about finding those little benefits that make a difference. So, let’s see what a sunscreen stick offers.

Easy Application is Just One Benefit of SPF Stick! 

Perhaps the main benefit of choosing an SPF stick to protect your kids is a practical one, meaning it’s simply easier to apply. Children are usually desperate to get outside and play, so regular lotions can be really tricky to use and get good coverage. 

However, using a stick is a bit like applying body paint, so it is easy to direct, and it’s quite fun, too. As such, applying it to your kid’s skin is that much easier. It also means that it’s easier to apply around the face and ears – places where sunburn is common. 

It’s Less Messy Too! 

Ever tried to use spray on a windy day or a lotion on the beach? That’s right, they can be messy! On the other hand, sunscreen sticks are so much less messy, so you won’t be getting more on yourself and the surrounding area than the intended target. 

It’s Easily Portable 

Ok, so regular sunscreen lotion bottles aren’t exactly massive, but they can present certain problems if you’ve got a small bag or a lack of space in general. Conversely, a sunscreen stick is usually around the same size as a deodorant stick, so they can be easily stored – even in a handbag. Portability is key when deciding whether to take it with you – and you always should for obvious reasons.

Less Chance of Eye Irritation

Runny lotions have a habit of getting into the eyes of children, which is why facial application can be so tricky. The same can be said for sprays – again, as is the case with sunscreen sprays. Sunscreen sticks don’t suffer from this problem, all but eliminating the chances of this happening at all. 

Less Wastage Occurs 

Because they’re so neat and tidy, sunscreen sticks tend to be less likely to drop where they’re not needed, meaning that less is wasted. This makes them last longer and offer better value for money – something more and more people are interested in during these difficult financial times. 

SPF Stick Offers an Array of Advantages to Consider 

The benefits provided by stick sunscreens are hard to ignore, especially when you have kids. They can make the whole process a little more fun and a whole lot less inconvenient and messy. Is it something that you should consider – absolutely?

Also, consider that lots of people end up using both, as lotions are better when dealing with larger areas like the torso and legs, complementing what sticks provide for those different areas of the body. 

One thing is for sure, though: with a sunscreen stick in your bag, you have a convenient option to use. Whatever you use with it – well, that’s up to you.