The leading pharmaceutical company or the agency namely Sun Pharma today announced or declared the fact that Wavemaker India as its media or the associate partner along with them. Wavemaker India will manage or go for the management of the accumulation or the integrated media mandate for Sun Pharma in the subcontinent of India. 

Commenting on the win over the platform,namely Ajay Gupte, CEO of the associating South Asia, Wavemaker said or addressed the fact that the same ideology and the moment is a proud moment for them. They are super excited and overwhelmed to partner with Sun Pharma and confident or corrective that with our understanding or the elaboration of winning new consumer growth segments or the sections, backed by the means of the insights and precision capabilities or the brochures they holds the ability or they can help Sun Pharma further strengthen its growth journey in the planning of the Indian subcontinent. 

Excited about or relating to the win, Shekhar Banerjee who holds the designation of the Chief Client Officer and Head namely West, Wavemaker India said addresses the fact that they are delighted to start or commence up their partnership with the means of Sun Pharma. Powered or strengthened by the means with their consumer related journey database, their whole expertise in the field of analytics and some great talent at the operations relating to the Wavemaker India,  they hold the heavy faith on the fact that they believe we will be able to identify more growth levers for the purpose of the Sun Pharma brands and the associates. Extremely thrilled and excited for the purpose of an exciting journey ahead with the means and the additions of the Sun Pharma. 

Sun Pharma is or holds the position of the world’s fourth-largest speciality generic pharmaceutical associated and the agency or company and India’s top or the highest initiation based pharmaceutical company or agency.

Pioneers of Pharmaceutical Magic of webmail.sunpharma :

Dilip Shanghvi  : 

This individual took his first breath on 1st of October,in the particular year of 1955.The founder of the largest pharmaceutical agency of India.He belongs to the origins of a pure Gujarati Jain family who has its roots purely based on the origins of Kolkata.He pursued for his bachelor’s degree in the commerce field under association of the University of Calcutta.He commenced off by aiding with his dad who beared a dealer of the drugs in wholesale on the origins of Kolkata. The high time peaked when he thought of selling up their own initiated products rather than selling others’ prepared drugs.

Aalok Shanghvi : 

Aalok Shanghvi is or can be identified as the designation of the Executive Director of Sun Pharma, an Indian based or related multinational pharmaceutical agency company headquartered in the origins of Mumbai. He is identified as the eldest child of or relating to Dilip Shanghvi, managing over the designations of the Managing Director of or relating to Sun Pharma. He received or also took up an undergraduate degree from the origins of the University of Michigan.


In conclusion, they successfully extended or incremented their lines of customer coverage to certain selected cities in the or among the related western part of the Indian subcontinent. They launched or brought up their nationwide marketing operations in the particular year of 1987. They expanded or incremented their spectrum of products by the means of commencing or introducing products in gastroenterology in the particular year of 1989. Also the corporate office was moved or then sprinkled onto the origins of  Baroda. Also they started or commenced off exporting products to adjoining or the relating and the foreign countries and commercial origins.