Patty Duke

Patty Duke was an American actress who also prominently advocated for mental health awareness. She was a recipient of a number of accolades throughout her acting career, including an Academy Award, two Golden Globe Awards, three Primetime Emmy Awards and received a star at the Holywood Walk of Fame.

Patty Duke was born on 14th December, 1946 and her full name is Anna Marie “Patty” Duke.Her mother’s name was Frances Margaret (née McMahon) who worked as a cashier and her father’s name was John Patrick Duke, and he worked as a handyman cab driver. She was of Irish descent from her father’s side, and was the youngest of three children of Frances and John Patrick. Patty Duke was raised in a Roman Catholic household.

Patty Duke spent her childhood in the Elmhurst neighbourhood of Queens where she, along with her brother Raymond and sister Carol, experienced a rather difficult childhood. Their mother had forced their father to leave their home as he was an alcoholic, and their mother suffered from clinical depression which would often make her resort to asserting physical violence. This trauma from her childhood resorted to her advocating for mental health to such an extent.

First Wife

Michael Tell is the former husband of legendary Hollywood starlet Patty Duke. The duo got married in the 1970s and while Michael had a very successful career of his own, he became better known as Patty Duke’s husband.

Patty Duke Career

When Patty was eight years old, she was put into the care of talent managers John and Ethel Ross. However, they were two very exploitative individuals who made Patty’s life absolute hell. She never saw her father and could only see her mom when Patty did the laundry for the Rosses. Under their so-called care, Patty went through things that no individual, particularly a child, should have to go through.

Patty Duke was one of the most talented and well known actresses of her generation. She started off with a role in the soap opera The Brighter Day. She played the role of Helen Keller in the Broadway Play, The Miracle Worker. She had several other amazing roles throughout the years, making her super successful. Apart from acting, she has also had a pretty successful singing career.


Patty Duke was married a total of four times and she has one child, a son named Austin. Michael Tell was her third husband and they were married for only one year, from 1970 to 1971.

By profession, Michael Tell was a rock promoter but he gained more prominence after he and Patty Duke tied the knot in 1970. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long, with the couple filing for divorce in the following year only.

Not much is known about Michael Tell. He has kept a lot of information about himself private which is why we have not been able to know much about life or family. There are some basic, minute details we know about him like how he was born and raised in the United States of America. As of 2022, he is in his 70s.

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