Stock marketing has gained a lot of popularity among the audience and people recently. Now it has become a way by which people can earn an additional income. And once they learn about stock marketing completely people also make this field as their full-time career opportunity. So here we are going to talk about the NAKD Stock in complete detail. Hereby with the use of these blogs we aim to provide you a complete information surrounding this company’s stock.

NAKD Stock: An Overview

NAKD Stock are the stocks of Naked Brand Group which operates as one of the top apparel and swimwear companies. The company designs, manufactures, and markets the portfolio of different company-owned and licensed brands. The company’s brands include Bendon Man, Davenport, Bendon, Pleasure State, Fayreform, Hickory, Fredericks of Hollywood, and Lovable. This huge ownership of different brands helps in catering to the needs of wide customers and segments. The market price of Nakd Stock is at $682.01M and its NASDAQ price is -14.98%. 

Know About NAKD Stock Merger 

When NAKD brand names were switched to Cenntro Electric Group, many people thought that it was  a merger i.e. combination of two companies. But let me tell you that the NAKD Stock Merger was not actually a merger in the traditional sense. Rather when NAKD acquired Cenntro it was a privately owned company. While the audience expected that the company would integrate the business into the same, it sold off its existing business and turned into a completely new business. 

NAKD Company Details

Company NameNaked Brand Group Ltd.
CEOAnna Johnson
SectorConsumer Non-Durables
Total Employees577
Address8 Airpark Drive, Auckland 2022

Current Status of NAKD Stock Price

As we all must know stock prices never remain the same and thus, when we look up at the NAKD Stock Price it has witnessed a dramatically low price since its last hike of 2021. And now the shares of Cenntro Electric Group trade at just $0.27. And as compared to its previous high points the current minuscule market capitalization is under $82 Million. 

Steps to Buy NAKD Stock (finder)

For the users of this platform who are curious and seek to invest in the NAKD Stock, then for them, we have listed down a few simple steps by which they can invest on this platform. 

  • Select a Platform: Look for a platform on which you can trust and invest safely.
  • Create Your Account: Now on the platform you need to insert some of your personal details in order to create your account.
  • Put on the Payment Details: Now that you have created your account you need to fund money into it so that you can buy stocks using that amount.
  • Look for the Stock Code: On the platform on which you are investing, you need to look for a stock Code like NAKD.
  • Research the Stock: Research for the latest information regarding the stock you have been looking to invest in.
  • Buying the Stock: Finally after completing and finding all the details regarding the stock you can hit and buy the stock.

Advantages of NAKD Stock

One of the top advantages of buying NAKD Stock is that this stock has a higher chance of providing huge returns in the shortest duration of time. According to WalletStreetBets, the Naked Brand Group Ltd. is going to see a hike in price in recent times. As it has a significant growth i.e. from $0.20 to $3.40 on January 28. 

Disadvantages of NAKD Stock

Every stock has its high time and low time and as the NAKD has offered over 1000% a month it’s bound to witness some lows. Thus significant changes in the NAKD Stock are highly volatile in nature which largely depends on the momentum of the market. This means that any significant change in the in-market trend is going to affect the NAKD Stock adversely. 

Should I buy NAKD Stock?

Though buying any stock depends completely on your choice but we recommend you to do proper research before investing. And when it comes to investing in NAKD stock then we would like to say to invest little less amount the what you can afford to lose, because of the volatile nature of the stock. 


Here in this blog on NAKD Stock, we have mentioned all the basic details that users need to know and should know before investing in the NAKD Stock. We have tried to cover certain crucial topics like changes in the name of the brand stock, steps by which you can buy the stock, disclosing its current status of price in the market, and more.