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At this time, in an increasingly noisy world. People are undoubtedly searching for the best headphones. They want to disconnect from their surroundings. The Monoprice 110010, is a popular noise-cancelling headphone. Moreover, it has recently gained significant attention. This is due to its noise-cancelling capabilities and low price.

Hence, if you find yourself searching for a pair of headphones in an electronics store. Finally, your search ends here. The Monoprice 110010, is one of the market’s best headphones. It is also known for its durable metal frame. The comfortable leather ear cups and flexible headband have a modern style. They are the ideal headset for gamers, content creators, and video editors. They’re also great for critical and casual listeners on a budget.

Therefore, this makes them ideal for use in noisy environments like aeroplanes, public transport, bustling offices, or even homes.

How does it work?

A frequent question is how the mono-price 110010 works to cancel a noisy environment. These headphones are designed and installed with a microphone. This microphone listens to the noise in the surroundings. It creates a wave that cancels out the noise.

With these headphones, you will only hear what you are meant to, be it your favourite music or a movie. Sometimes, they allow a soft background sound to reach your ears. Equally enhancing your audio playback experience while keeping you aware of your surroundings. A button on one ear cup lets you toggle this feature on or off.

Kinnunen & Teemu (2022) stated that, like other headphones, they collect audio from your device through Bluetooth. Then, they send it to the ear cup speakers with more power and frequency. Monoprice 110010 headphones are unlike most regular models. They magnify the audio into a bassier format. This makes the sound quality friendlier to your ears.

How to use Monoprice?

These headphones are straightforward and convenient to use. Their usage is not much different from other headphones. Charge the battery. Turn them on when ready. If you’re using a phone for Bluetooth connection, activate the Bluetooth button on the headband. Pair the headphones with your phone’s Bluetooth.

The Monoprice 110010 headphones are adjustable and flexible. Their design allows them to fit any head size comfortably without slipping off. Place them over your ears and immerse yourself in the audio magic.

Noise Cancelation of the Monoprice 110010

The Monoprice 110010 headphones excel at reducing external atmosphere sounds, cutting off almost 80% of disturbing noises. They also offer passive noise cancelling, allowing you to hear environmental sounds while enjoying your music. Thus, enabling conversation without needing to pause the audio.


Overall if you’re in the market for a pair of affordable, reliable, and noise-cancelling headphones. The Monoprice noise cancelling is a top contender. Therefore, they also offer comfort due to their soft ear cups, good Bluetooth connectivity, and sound quality. Furthermore, most importantly, they allow multi-listening, letting you enjoy your music while still hearing sounds from your surroundings.