India is a nation that has done great for the world despite they have seen so many ups and downs. And the culture and creative touch they bring in limited resources can make many nations learn things. And it is not at all a normal thing. They do have corruption and other problems, but still the amount good that comes from India is indeed massive. They are giving best people who are working the tech field to be a taxi driver all over the world. Look this mix and match of so many professions. It shows the value and impact of India that is magical.

Math Development in India

Like 0 is the value that has come from India. And not many know it because they think that it already there. There are many people who have worked hard to make sure that maths can move ahead of 9 value by adding 0. Math Development now seems a very small innovation, but this is the biggest innovation human beings have done. And this coming from India tells how great this nation is. And the best part is that they did share it with all at that time. Hence, now the world is at a mega level of transformation technology wise. Without this, many pros would not have the answer to solve x*x*x is equal to 2022. This is something that needs deep understanding and it comes with knowing zero first ahead of anything other.

This is why India should be thanked from the core because they do share things. Look the nation got the freedom on 15 August 1947 and in 75 years, they did send a Land Rover to South side of moon which was never done before even by NASA. And India is not fully developed nations but still they have done it. And after doing, they said it to be the victory of so many small nations and they did feel proud because it open so many doors.

These are just two things and after every year, India is now becoming better in every direction. Look at Pakistan, they did get the independence a day before India, but in terms of economy and growth, they are lacking behind. It is not like they do not have leaders. They have had many big leaders. But the overall output is not good. And hence, the gaps are very hard to fill. This makes things grow at style.

Final Take

Maths have the power to change the world and all Math Development happens when a person makes and does the right moves. But the world should know why these good things and reasons are happening. There has to be some reasons. So looking at things now would make it run for the good. This tells the fact that how a nation can do that much good. This is why the respect they should get is massive. And it brings the changes that sets right examples for all in a creative manner. It is all the need of the world is for moving ahead.

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