Many arts programmes are a thriving world of various and dynamic expressions that enthral and inspire people from various walks of life. This fascinating sector also includes endless employment options in sectors like marketing, media, and educational institutions. But, do you know that making an informed job choice can be aided by prior knowledge of the many degrees and careers available in the arts?

For this purpose, we will explore the various academic programmes provided by one of the best arts colleges in Bhopal in this blog as well as emphasise the myriad aspects of opportunities open to hopefuls.

Table of Contents:
1. Arts Study Programmes after 12th
2. Have a Glimpse into the Multiple Fields of an Arts Programme
3. Final Thoughts
4. FAQs

Arts Study Programmes After 12th

Arts, as an academic field, primarily focuses on culture and human society, and the study of arts courses strongly emphasises the analysis and sharing of ideas as well as critical thinking. However, students who choose arts study options after their 12th at the Mansarovar Global University, the best private university in Bhopal, are given in-depth knowledge of a variety of societal elements, including historical events, human behaviour, and relationships between various groups.

Let us examine the multiple arts courses that Mansarovar Global University offers at various levels:

Course Name Degree Type Duration Minimum Requirement 
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Hons.Undergraduate 3 years Complete 10+2 or equivalent with at least 50%. 
Master of Arts (M.A.) Postgraduate 2 years Pass a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent with a minimum aggregate of 50%. 

Have a Glimpse into the Multiple Fields of an Arts Programme

Several areas of expertise are available at the best arts colleges in Bhopal, whether you are seeking a UG or PG degree. And, a few of those well-liked options are:

  • English

You will study the English language, literature, theatre, poetry, novels, and much more in-depth in this discipline. Additionally, this field of study will prepare you for job profiles of a teacher, blogger, editor, public relations officer, journalist, writer, etc.

  • Sociology

Knowledge of human welfare, social interaction, and the academic study of society and culture are specifically imparted in this field. Additionally, this fascinating and simple-to-understand course at the best university in MP offers a discussion of ideas that are relevant to our daily lives. Moreover, you will have a tonne of career options as a social worker, research assistant, customer service representative, journalist, and many more after earning a degree in sociology.

  • History

You will explore the development of human civilization throughout history, starting with the earliest eras, and how developments took place over time. And, obtaining a degree in history can help you succeed in a variety of jobs, including those of a museum curator, broadcast journalist, corporate investment banker, editorial assistant, etc. 

  • Hindi 

Within its course material at the best arts colleges in Bhopal, you will study the Hindi language, literature, and philosophy. Moreover, this paves the way to either go for higher studies; most preferably an MA in Hindi, or opt for a job as a teacher, publisher, travel writer, researcher, reporter, etc. 

  • Political Science

Teaching about national and international political systems through ideas like public administration, international relations, public affairs, and historical and contemporary political systems is the focus of this field of study. You will also have access to amazing job chances through this course, including those for market researchers, political campaign managers, political scientists, budget analysts, and so on.

  • Economics

This is a well-liked speciality that is available at the BA colleges in Bhopal, with its special focus on educating students in-depth about economic theories, applied economics, etc. Moreover, your ability to work as a professor, financial analyst, etc. in the government, private, and academic sectors will also be enhanced by taking this course. 

  • Geography

The earth, various climates and soils, vegetation and plantations, and related topics will all be covered in its core curriculum. Additionally, after obtaining a degree in Geography, you will be qualified to work as an urban planner, demographer, geographer, MAP consultant, etc.

  • Social Work

A social work study plan, which often focuses on psychology, mental, communal, and physical health of society is an ideal option if you want to modify or reform India’s social problems. You can also look into careers as a counsellor, social worker, community organiser, and others after graduating in this discipline from one of the MA colleges in Bhopal. Moreover, these graduates can often find employment in human rights organisations, counselling services, educational institutions, etc.

  • Public Administration

In this arts speciality, you will learn concepts related to public organisations, administration, public services, etc. This area also prepares you to join government organisations such as municipal bodies, civil services, etc., and some of the typical job roles include those of an administrative officer, corporate operations manager, and business consultant. 

  • Psychology

This area of expertise includes topics like group thinking, motivation, crisis management, emotions, and conflict resolution. Additionally, this discipline offered by the MA Psychology colleges in Bhopal teaches students how to recognise emotional and behavioural problems as well as how to develop a customised therapy strategy for each patient. 

Final Thoughts 

With an arts major, you can find numerous profitable employment opportunities, and applying for a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Arts at the best arts colleges in Bhopal will well-equip you with the top-notch skills necessary to survive in any job sector. In addition, we strongly hope that reading our blog will enable you to comprehend the various arts disciplines and select one in line with your preferences. 


  1. Why pursue a BA at the best arts colleges in Bhopal?

The best arts colleges in Bhopal provide BA programmes that are designed to help you gain transferable skills, which will be beneficial at your future workplace. These highly valued human skills are also necessary for the majority of professional tasks.

  1. Is choosing an arts stream beneficial for my future?

Because of the many options that students can take after finishing their 12th grade, the arts stream is said to provide the most flexible professional route. Additionally, with the help of arts courses, students can have a solid understanding of the many fields and find their perfect job route.

  1. Which arts fields are good for IAS aspirants?

The most important subjects to study for the IAS are history and geography. These areas are also on the topic lists of the best arts colleges in Bhopal, and those hoping to work in the civil services highly recommend them. 

  1. What skills does an arts degree develop?

Your ability to think critically, conduct research, and write persuasively is largely enhanced by an arts degree. Moreover, it opens up a lot of prospects in terms of both academic and professional growth.

  1. What makes the arts courses unique?

The content and methodology of arts programmes set them apart from the physical and biological sciences, as well as from the social sciences. Moreover, the arts stream teaches literature, history, and philosophy.