Do you know who Linda is and what she does for a living? If not, then, at that point, read this substance to accumulate much data about Lyndrea. Price is a web designer who made a lot of money working in a different field. The online websites provide only a limited amount of information regarding Lyndrea’s Price and do not give any details regarding her private life. This section has yet to go into great detail about Lyndrea’s cost.

Lyndrea Price’s Biography

Celebrity kid, She was born in the United States of America in 1978. By 2023, Lyndrea will be 45 years old, an African-American with American citizenship. She is also a Christian, and horses are her animal of choice. Vernon Imani, an assistant at American Campus Communities, wed Lyndrea Price. They met at a friend’s party, and now they are parents to a girl.

Lyndrea Price’s Marriage Status

Firstly, She does not have marriage plans, and she dated Vernon Imani; they were spotted together on Instagram on May 16, 2016. It happens when they attend a get-together with their friends. Then she posted a photo of them with a baby girl, prompting everyone to wonder if she got married. The couple is currently living their lives happily without any interruptions. 

As you know, she is living with Imani, and if you have doubts that they have kids, continue reading this passage. Her fans are eager and think she has a baby and keeps it private. People get confused about seeing a baby girl with her in a get-together party, but she has no kids and lives with Imani. She also debunked that there is no relationship between her and the cute little girl on the social media post. 

Lyndrea Price’s Professional Career:

She is a professional web designer who gets most of her incoming from these designer job websites. She is from a rich family and chooses this profession to unlock her fortune. As a web designer, she makes a reasonable amount of money and unlocks her fortune to 150 thousand net worth. Lyndrea’s net worth is estimated at $150,000, and she drives a large amount from her income by working as a website designer. 


Therefore, you understand a lot about this celebrity lady her marriage life, kids, professional career, net worth, and occupation. You can understand these wonderful things from reading about her life and other details about being her fan.