Designing your kids’ space is not an easy task. But if you understand the purpose of the elements you are going to place in their room and also have an idea about what needs to be showcased in the space, then it won’t necessarily be a tedious task. A kids’ room is a very unique part of a home. It has to be designed very carefully, keeping in mind the specific needs of children. This is valid for all the elements of the room.

But we are only going to tell you about what you can do with the lighting layout of your kids’ space. One thing that you have to consider is once you design your kids’ space, you can’t expect yourself to keep changing it frequently. You have a few elements like the sheets, curtains or even the colour scheme of the room that can be changed frequently. But you really can’t change the lighting fixtures or the furnishings that frequently. So take a look at all the lighting ideas we have for you that your kids won’t outgrow.

Chandeliers for that optimum illumination

Chandeliers are the perfect lighting fixtures for your kids’ spaces as they don’t just light up every nook and cranny of your living space but also lend uniform illumination to the room, which is very important for your young ones. Now, you have to understand that your kids’ will expect you to install engaging lighting designs in the space. You can’t just install anything in the space that you feel will have a timeless element. There are a plethora of options to choose from. You also need to ensure that the lighting fixture does not pose a threat to the children if they are left unsupervised. 

Avoid any kind of crystal or glass jhoomars that can prove to be troublesome later on. Our suggestion would be to go with minimalist chandeliers as there are multiple designs that can not just offer an exceptional functionality quotient but also accentuate the look and feel of the room. 

Use lamps in the space

Lamps don’t just lend illumination to the space, they are also crucial in setting the foundation of your layered lighting layout. For your children’s room, lamps like table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights can be essential in defining the purpose of the lighting. Wall lights are the safest option out of these, given the added safety. 

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