With the rising popularity and use of digital marketing, social media, and Instagram have no longer remained a place where close friends interact. Rather it ha become a strong method to create domestic and international commerce. They use this platform because it has a large and interactive user, but gaining popularity with the use of Instagram is a tough task, as it completely acts on the audience’s reaction and preference. So many people use Insfree.net, to strategies and boost their Instagram follower base. Keep on reading this article in order to know about this platform in detail.  

Know About Insfree.Net

Insfree.Net is a popular third-party service provider platform with the use of which you can generate free Instagram Followers. The platform provides you with your desired no. of followers without putting on any monetization. Users seeking to use this platform just have to visit the official website of this platform and start using it without even registering on this platform. This website policy which does not ask you to enter any of your personal details makes it secure to surf through without any worries of data breach. 

Overview of Insfree.Net

Application NameInsFree
CategorySocial Media
FormatAPK File
Android Version5.0 & Up
App Size5.6 Mb
App Version5.0v
Scan ReportNo Malware
Offered ByInsfree.net

Featues of Insfree.Net

The long list of features of Insfree.Net has made it a user’s favorite and most used platform. We have mentioned some of the most unique features of this platform here:

Unlimited Followers: When you use other platforms to gain followers you get access to somewhat 50 to 100 followers, or some more with the trial plan. But with this website, you get unlimited numbers of followers, which means you don’t have to worry about limitations. 

Authentic Followers: Unlike any other platform that provides you with fake or bot followers, this platform will give you access to unlimited human followers. These human followers will actively interact and make your account more reachable to a larger audience. 

Account Booster: The site do provide you with followers but these followers are interactive, which helps in understanding your audience’s need and expectation. Once you understand this pattern and start work in this direction you boost your account. 

Global Followers: Instagram has a vast audience and has been used by different people all over the continent. Thus this platform makes use of this huge audience base and gives you followers from all across the different countries. 

Working of Insfree.Net

Insfree.Net works on a simple interface which makes it easily accessible to the audience. The main purpose of this platform of making its users gain followers is fulfilled by just knowing your Username. Though you might not get the application of this platform on Google as this is not an official Google product you can access this platform via browser. 

Steps to Access Insfree.Net

Accessing Insfree.Net is very easy and despite being a third-party application you can navigate this platform very easily. 

  • Firstly, you will have to open any of your desired “Browser”. 
  • After opening the browser you need to utilize its search bar in order to look for the official website.
  • Once the result appears most probably the top most appearing website is going to be the official website.
  • Tap on it land on the homepage of the platform, and scroll through it.
  • After encountering a section named “Very Fast” read its below content and click on “free followers”. 
  • You will be redirected to a page where you need to enter the username of the ID on which you want to gain followers. 
  • As the next step fill in the captcha code to pass the human test. 
  • Finally, hit the “OK” button in order to place your order for free followers successfully. 

Advantages of Insfree.Net

Using Insfree.Net will expose you to certain salient advantages which we have enlisted here so that you can utilize them at your accessing time of this platform. 

  • While you access this platform you get Instagram followers Instantly and you can view the results. 
  • You can use this platform regularly and thus grow your account rapidly. 
  • Your personal data remains safe as the website doesn’t ask you to enter any. 
  • The simple-to-use interface makes the platform accessible even to first-time visitors of the platform. 
  • Downloading the application of this platform is not necessary, as you can access it directly from the browser.

Disadvantages of Insfree.Net

Like any other thing that is not completely perfect, Insfree.Net also has certain drawbacks, and you can know about them by referring to the information below. 

  • Though the followers that you gain initially from this platform are free, users might have to pay money for further continuation of the platform. 
  • Being a third-party application it might have some bad effects on your account. 
  • The human verification takes a little longer.

Is Insfree.Net Safe?

You all after reading this much about this platform must have known that this is a third-party application. And though using a third-party application is against the rules and regulations of Instagram, this platform is safe to access. It can be stated as safe because it doesn’t require to insertion of any kind of personal information and details. 


As an active user of Instagram, you must be aware that gaining followers on this platform is not an easy task. And yet most of us desire to seek instant followers for our accounts. For this Insfree.Net can prove to be highly useful. You can try using this platform to gain free followers, likes, comments, and more.