Increasing popularity over instagram amongst the youth, the main constraint that a user feels while accessing insta app. This constraint is the inability to download instagram videos directly from the app. To download instagram videos directly is having an only option which is a third party tool. Tools like comes on the top of the list that helps to download instagram videos without paying charges. Thus, in this article we will talk about this platform and understand its aspects for a better use.

Know About is a platform that enables a user to quickly and instantly download any Instagram video by simply entering or pasting the copied link of the video. does it through its video downloader tool. One of the main aspect of accessing this platform is its web based module. Moreover, as a user you will not install a particular app to download insta videos, as it might be hectic sometimes.

Adding onto that, as a user, you are not compelled to share your login credentials while downloading a video using All you need to do is paste the link of the video that you are willing to download and your work will be done. Furthermore, it is a free tool. Even in the long run, you would never be asked to pay for any subscription while using it.

Process to Access Indown.Io

If you want to access this platform, then you can follow the following steps that are given below to make the accessing process easy for Indown.Io users: 

  1. Firstly, you have to open the browser of your device. 
  2. Then search the platform and visit its official site.
  3. It will take you on the dashboard of the platform where you can access its services. 
  4. Now, explore the platform and download your desired instagram videos.

Step To Download Video From Indown.Io

Here are the few steps mentioned below to download the instagram video from

  • Select your favorite Instagram video that you are willing to download. 
  • Select your favorite Instagram video that you are willing to download. 
  • Once done, copy the link of the video and then open the web page on your web browser. 
  • There, you will see an Input box wherein you have to either enter or paste the copied link of the Instagram video that you have to download. 
  • Press enter and then you will acknowledge that after some time your video will be synchronized automatically. 
  • You also need to click on the Download button to begin downloading the video.
  • After some time, your video will be successfully downloaded. You can easily save it on your device.

How to Copy Instagram Video Link?

Copying a video link that you want to download carries a simple process and it can be down in the following ways:

  • Open Instagram and login to the app using your login credentials.
  • Once you scroll instagram reels or videos, you can select any one of them that seems to be interesting.
  • Here, you may see three dot icon in the buttom screen.
  • After that, you will acknowledge a pop-up displaying the option of Copy Link.
  • Click on it and your Instagram video link will get successfully downloaded. Features 

Having known about, let us now discuss some of the top-notch features of the platform. 

Fast and Secure

One of the main feature of is its fastest and secured way to download any instagram video. Even you don’t need to enter any login credential and no need of waiting until the platform works.

No Additional App Required 

Another advantage of using this video downloader software is that you will not need to install additional app installed on your device to download the video. 

Multi-Device Operability does not restrict you to a particular device that you should use to download the Instagram video. As a user, you can operate the video downloader tool on your Android, iOS, Tablet or PC, etc.

No Compromise with the Quality 

Another amazing feature of the video downloader tool is that no compromise is made with the quality of the video that gets downloaded on your device. All the videos that you download are provided to you in original quality. Not only this, but you also have the privilege to download IGTV videos, photos, feed videos, etc.

Benefits of

There are numerous benefits of using that are given below: 

Friendly  Interface: The interface of this platform is completely easy and simple to navigate as it has focused on the necessary elements only. users can easily go through its services and fulfil their needs. 

Unlimited Downloads: There are various platforms that have limits on downloading videos. But, this platform allows you to download unlimited videos without paying any charges. 

Download Videos with Watermark: Having watermarks on a video irritates and distracts users a lot. Thus, this platform helps the users to get videos downloaded without any watermark that enhances their viewing experience.

Top Reasons to Choose Indown.Io

Indown.Io provides its users with multiple reasons to use this platform. And we have tried to list down some of those reasons here:

  • Watermark Free: Though there are several video downloading apps but when it comes to users experience then they tend to complain about the watermark issues. But this platform allows its users to download any video without any watermark on the downloaded content. This water free download enhances the user’s experience along with the enhanced viewing. 
  • Multiple Downloads: When users download video from other platforms they sometimes find applications which restrict the users when it comes to number of downloads. But when we use this platform then users can download any number of videos without any restriction. 
  • User-friendly Interface: Above all this website is designed in a user-friendly manner which makes it easily accessible to users. With this user-friendly interface the platform has turned out to be top preference among the users choice. 

Services Offered by Indown.Io

Indown.Io offers a wide range of services to its users, some of those services are:

  • Private Instagram Video and Photos Downloader: The platform provides this service under which users can not only download videos from an open or public account but also from a private account.
  • Instagram Photo Downloader: With the use of this service of the platform users can also download various photos of their loved ones without any watermark.
  • Instagram Reel Downloader: Through the use of this platform users can download various reels from Instagram without any hurdle i.e. seamlessly.


Instagram has somehow crossed the age barrier in recent times and you can conveniently find almost everyone using Instagram either to watch videos and reels or to create or post them. Amongst the growing love and liking for Instagram videos, it is obvious that users would want to download their favorite videos. Where the indown io helps them out, it is an incredible platform that allows users to download the instagram stuff like reels,videos, photos etc. with some simple and easy steps. If you are willing to have a platform that prioritises your safety and satisfaction then you should go on this platform to fulfil your requirements.