Air coolers, a popular and cost-effective alternative to air conditioners, use the principle of evaporative cooling to reduce indoor temperatures. Each cooler comprises a water tank, an absorbent sheet, and a fan, working together to transform hot, dry air into a cooler breeze. Ideal for hot and dry climates, air coolers come in various models to suit different needs. Let’s explore the types of air coolers available in the market, highlighting some of the superior models from Symphony, a leader among air cooler brands.

Types of Air Coolers

1. Spot Cooler:

Spot coolers are designed for personal use, providing targeted cooling in small spaces.

Symphony: Duet Mini Powerful Personal Cooling Fan & Air Cooler

Ultra-Portable: Super light, compact (15 x 15 x 22 cm), and weighing just 700g makes it a very portable cooler.

Features: Ergonomic handle, USB plug-and-play, LED touch panel with 3-speed fan, low power consumption of 5 watts.

Build: High-quality injection molding for durability and a smooth finish.

Efficiency: Ideal for close-range cooling, requiring regular cleaning of cooling pads for optimal performance.

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2. Personal Air Coolers:

These are further categorized into room and tower air coolers.

Room Air Coolers:

Suited for small to medium-sized indoor spaces (100-150 sq. ft.).

Typically smaller in size with a water capacity of 15-40 liters.

Portable with wheels for easy movement.

Symphony: Touch 35 Personal Air Cooler 35-litres

Features: Digital touchscreen, voice assist, 24 ft. air throw, and consumes only 185 watts.

Design: Sleek with high-quality injection moulding.

Technology: i-Pure technology for clean, filtered air.

Tower Air Coolers:

Slimmer, lighter, and ideal for individual use in small spaces.

Water capacity ranges from 10-40 litres.

Symphony Example: Diet 3D 20i Tower Air Cooler 20-litres

Features: Pop-up touchscreen, 3-side high-efficiency honeycomb cooling pads, 28 ft. air throw.

Efficiency: Energy-efficient, consuming only 145 watts.

Additional: i-Pure technology, magnetic full-function remote.

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3. Desert Air Coolers:

These are the largest, with a capacity of 40-100 liters, and are suited for large rooms or outdoor settings.

Symphony Example: Winter 80XL + Powerful Desert Air Cooler 80-litres

Features: Superior cooling with 3-side high-efficiency honeycomb cooling pads, 56 ft. air throw.

Design: Sleek with high-quality injection moulding.

Efficiency: Consumes 180 watts, inverter-compatible.

Technology: i-Pure technology for clean, filtered air.

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About Symphony:

Symphony, a global leader in evaporative air cooling, has revolutionized home cooling in over 60 countries for over 80 years. Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Symphony has always focused on making eco-friendly cooling accessible to everyone. The company’s founder, Mr. Achal Bakeri, has been a staunch advocate for green cooling solutions.

Symphony’s commitment to quality is evident in its continuous improvement in design, engineering, and manufacturing processes, using premium materials and these factors have made it one of the top air cooler brands in India. Their coolers undergo rigorous quality testing, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.

Understanding the different types of air coolers is crucial in selecting the right one for your needs. Whether it’s a compact spot cooler like the Symphony Duet Mini, a personal air cooler like the Touch 35, a sleek tower cooler like the Diet 3D 20i, or a powerful desert cooler like the Winter 80XL+, Symphony offers a range of options that promise efficiency, quality, and sustainable cooling solutions for every requirement.