Eleven Labs AI is the most realistic software ever. It has a human-like voice. This app is definitely for writers and publishers for storytelling. 

Of course, it can generate high-quality spoken audio in any voice and style. This text-to-speech can convert writing into a professional voice.

It also allows the cloning of voices from samples. Certainly, you can grow your audience by using this app. 

 It has a headquarters in New York, America. 

 Two best friends have found this app – Piotr and  Mati. Piotr is an ex-Google machine learning engineer. Mati is an ex-Palantir deployment strategist.

Fortunately, it saves the creators time and money. 

This app has recent technology systems.

They also minimise the risks of harmful abuse.

This app is an innovative speech generator. Because it can clone the voice. Of course, transfer any length of text into speech.

Eleven labs AI features:-

  • It has very realistic voices. You can change as well as generate voices. It can clone voices from the sample. Fortunately, it can also generate new voices.
  • The text-to-speech tool has very worthy features. It can transfer a single statement to an entire book. Definitely based on your choice.
  • It can generate speech in top-quality voice flawlessly.
  • Of course, it understands emotions by AI logic.
  • It can beautifully change voice clones into another.
  • This app is very worthy for narrators, writers and creators. They can use the clone voice tool for their stories.
  • Newspaper publishers can undoubtedly use this tool to read their news.
  • Of course, content creators can use these tools.
  • Fortunately, gamers can use this app. So they can generate different comments on their live games.

Eleven labs AI pricing:-

You can use it freely for limited features.

 But if you want to enjoy the premium features undoubtedly. There are five categories:-

  •  $0 – you can use 10,000 characters monthly. Additionally, three custom voices. Of course, you can use it without any commercial licence. But used it with the attribution of eleven labs.
  • $5 per month – you can use 30,000 characters every month. Additionally, ten custom voices. But with a commercial licence. Of course, you can use it with no attribution to eleven labs.
  • $22 per month – you can use 100,000 characters monthly. Additionally, thirty custom voices. And no attribution is needed. But the commercial licence is needed 
  • $99 per month – you can use 500,000 characters monthly. With 160 custom voices.
  • $330 per month – you can use it for business purposes with a commercial licence. 2,000,000 characters monthly, 660 custom voices. Of course, there is no need for attribution.


This app is definitely used for commercial purposes with paid plans.

This app can detect human emotions and tones. So, it can generate voices based on emotions.

You can use this app freely with limited features.

Recently, this app is going to add new dubbed voices.

So, you can generate new voices in different languages flawlessly.

Nowadays, this app is very popular in the world.

Users can experience a good quality evidently.

This app is going to shine more and more in the future.