Is it hard to formulate a construction engineering dissertation? Of course, it is challenging for most students to understand complex and technical concepts and write a well-organised dissertation. Students face various challenges, but there is no need to fret because, in this guide, you will find solutions to every problem. So, read ahead to know everything that you need. 

The other name of “construction engineering” is construction operation. It is a multidisciplinary field that deals with the area of structural and geotechnical engineering. Basically, it is a subdivision of civil engineering related to construction management, building environment, and management in construction projects in various construction sectors or industries while ensuring sustainable construction. 

In which students learn about the construction of bridges, tunnels, dams, railroads, buildings, utilities, airports, and such projects. Pursuing a career in construction engineering is an exciting journey for students who really want to devote their lives to engineering.

Construction engineers work alongside construction managers and investors to manage the construction of infrastructure, including roads and bridges, railways, and so on. 

Scope of Construction Engineering In Jon Industry 

New Civil Engineer research reveals,

“The demand for construction engineering increases rapidly as research reveals that the demand for civil engineering will grow 10% by the end of 2023. In 2021, there were 6.1M civil or construction engineer jobs. This figure is expected to grow to 6.26M by the end of this decade”. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics: 

“Almost 21,200 new projects are opened for engineers each year on average, and according to the estimation of May 2022, the median annual salary for a civil engineer was $89,940.”

All these figures attract students like a magnet to design their future careers in this field. Students choose this subject, but studying its coursework becomes difficult, especially when encountering their final-year project, construction engineering dissertations.

At this spot, students require a practical guide with all the best possible solutions, or they can avail of dissertation help online, which makes this a hectic and nightmare process easier for them. 

Construction Engineering Dissertation Writing’s Challenges with Solutions

Construction engineering dissertation writing is a lengthy procedure that encompasses multiple steps based on students’ personal research. There are some common challenges that most students face because they come up with: 

  • Wrong selection of construction dissertation topics 
  • Poor time management 
  • Boring and relevant introduction 
  • Imperfect thesis statement 
  • Meaning less conclusion
  • Poor research and data collection techniques
  • Ambiguous structuring and organisation of chapters

Students face challenges and cannot perform well because they do not know how to handle these critical steps in writing a dissertation for construction engineering. So, let’s talk about their solutions:

1. Choose Topic Sensibly 

If you want to develop an interesting and appealing topic for your construction engineering dissertations, you must conduct preliminary research and then choose a pertinent and captivating topic. While selecting your topic, consider the following perceptions as the topic should:

  • Relate to your personal interest 
  • Trendy or a hot topic that needs discussion
  • Has potential further exploration in the future 
  • Well-defined with a clear scope 
  • Fulfilling the supervisor’s requirements and expectations 
  • Complete with the limited time of dissertation submission

According to The University of Manchester, you can choose a topic by shortlisting various topics related to your possible areas of research and see which one is directly related to your subject matter, as shown in the figure below. 

It is important to formulate a winning dissertation that your topic should be argumentative, valid, unique, and solely represent your central theme or subject matter. 

2. Research to Collect Extensive Data 

Next, explore your topic extensively and conduct in-depth engineering research to collect relevant information regarding your core theme. The purpose of writing a construction engineering dissertation is to gather accurate and reliable information through students’ self-observation and research. 

This can be achieved by using credible research sources and academic journals for collecting secondary information. You can collect the first data by visiting different construction sites and collecting data with the help of your deep analysis. 

By using credible sources, you can be able to develop a strong argument that evokes a sense of reliability, trustworthiness, and authority in front of your reader. Primary data is considered the most reliable and authentic, which gives worth to your dissertation, making it more compelling. 

3. Outline and Framing Construction Engineering Dissertation

When you have done the research and collected enough information to cover every single detail regarding your construction engineering dissertation topics, then you need to organise it in a more logical and manageable order and create an outline of your dissertation

It will be your roadmap that moves in the right direction without missing any essential parts.  The construction engineering dissertation outline contains all the essential points in the form of chapters, headings, and subheadings.

Mervi Murtonen represents the outline of the study and the structure of the dissertation in “Supplier-perceived customer value in business-to-business security service”, as shown below.

4. Organise the Dissertation into Chapters 

Organise your whole dissertation into chapters and start writing. There are around five major chapters in the dissertation process. 

1. Introduction: 

Start the dissertation writing process with a captivating introduction by discussing the study scope, briefly explaining key points, emphasising the importance of your topic, and then stating your thesis statement. 

2. Literature Review 

This is the most essential section of your construction engineering dissertation. Describe existing research in detail and represent to your reader what others say about this matter, and then identify a research gap that allows you to make a research question. 

3. Material and Methods 

Comprehensively describe all the key equipment, tools, and instruments you used in your research. Furthermore, represent the procedure, methodology, or study design you developed to implement in the research questions. 

4. Final Outcomes 

In this chapter, discuss your findings from what you have extracted. This final observation is your first hand that you have evaluated with your self-observation.

5. Conclusion and implementation

Conclude your discussion by moving from specific to general, and summarise all the supportive arguments and relevant details that support your main core statement. Also, demonstrate the implementation of your study design with a future perspective. 

5. Create a Bibliography

The bibliography is a list of references of all the resources through which you have collected information and set at the end of the construction engineering dissertation. It is recommended to your reader for further readings and to provide enough information for your authentic research to be checked independently.

The bibliography of every citation must contain the following information: 

  • Authors name 
  • Title of the source,
  • Publisher Name 
  • Date of publication 
  • Page number 

There are some common referencing styles that can be used for dissertations on construction engineering, such as: 

  • Harvard
  • MLA
  • APA
  • Chicago 
  • Vancouver 

Make sure you are following instructions and all the guidelines while incorporating references that your supervisor or institute directs. 


Writing a construction engineering dissertation is a combination of many complex tasks that result in many challenges that most students cannot overcome. In this scenario, there are two possible solutions that you can avail yourself of.

If you want to write your dissertation on your own, then follow the above-mentioned solution. Secondly, you can get dissertation help online from a renowned academic writing platform such as The Academic Papers UK and get quick solutions to your every problem.