What makes Amogh Lila Prabhu famous?

India is a land where Sanatana Dharma is practiced the most. It is the place where most of the Hindu do live. Yoga is also the outcome of Sanatana Dharma that is helping the world to stay focused. Even meditation is the gift of Sanatana Dharma to the world. But this is not just the only thing about this old religion, it does teach one the value of devotion where it has worked for many people all over the world. A student of Sanatana Dharma is Amogh Lila Prabhu, who is famous in India and all over the world for telling the beauty of Hindu religion and what makes it the religion to love.

Being a member of ISKON and running a temple in Dwarka Delhi has made Amogh Lila a personality who has millions of followers and billions of views on YouTube and other social media platform. He is known for teaching the words of God in funny manner and hence, his style does have fun and humour. It does force many people to start going to his lessons and learn from them what Lord Krishna wants humans to do.

Despite working for a mega brand like IBM as a software engineer in the United States and earning good sums, HG Amogh Lila Ji did leave all the things behind and started to learn about the meaning of life. He has said in many interviews that it has helped him to become a happy soul and now he wants to others do learn about and spread the words of A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who is the founder of ISKON. HG Amogh and others at ISKON work hard all over the world, so the words of Prabhupada can spread. The aim of ISKON is to make the world understand what does the love for Lord Krishna means. They do teach the world to learn about the God through the eyes and heart of Bhawan Krishna.

ISKON is one of the biggest religious organisation around the world. They work all over the world to spread peace in the society and HG Amogh is one of the leading personalities who is helping ISKON to become bigger and better where they are using social media and other ways to promote the name of Lord and make the world follow good way of living and not bad.

They do have some rules that you have to follow if one wants to join ISKON from the core. In India, the organisation has helped many people to find the meaning of life and this is what that has made HG Amogh a name to follow and create a legacy that can make the next generation of India better. He is a student of modern science also, so it helps him to grow well and create a legacy that can shape the future of India and world in a better manner. This is why Sage Amogh and many like him and are being loved by the common people. He is kind a walking celebrity.

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