In the bustling city of Dubai, there are significant laws related to defamation.  An industrious entrepreneur named Ahmed who owned a successful company faced severe charges against him. One day, an unexpected event took place resulting in a series of defamatory videos against him. It was posted by a well-known YouTuber named Alex. The Youtuber posted videos against Ahmed. As a result, it tarnished the reputation and image of Ahmed and its company. He also attacked his character and conduct by using inappropriate words. Under such a strenuous situation, Ahmed decided to take legal action. He decided to seek justice and put an end to this cyberbullying and defaming videos. 

He was willing to defend his legal rights. He decided to safeguard his company from such malicious conduct and false claims against him. Therefore, he contacted the professional lawyer. The legal case was launched against Alex. Ahmed consulted a well-versed and knowledgeable lawyer. The well-learned lawyer successfully explained to him the law of UAE regarding Defamation and cyberbullying along with its possible repercussions for his company. This case was dealt with as a criminal case under the UAE law.

According to a law named Combating Rumors and Cybercrimes, this is a serious offense.  Any defamation and insulting others using information technology results in severe implications. The offenders of defaming cases could result in imprisonment along with hefty fines. The fine can go up to Dh 500,000. The legal proceedings began immediately. The defendant provided Shreds of evidence of the defamatory videos. Moreover, he also presented the harm they caused to his company’s reputation and conduct. In addition, he also displayed the personal damages he faced due to the you tube videos of defamation.

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The court took the matter very seriously. The court launched a detailed investigation of it properly. After a fair trial, the judgment was issued. According to the judgment Ahmed was relieved and Alez was the culprit. The judgment came in Ahmed’s favor. Alex was found guilty of cyber defamation and insulting conduct. He was sentenced to imprisonment. Alongside, he was ordered to pay a substantial fine as per the law.

Besides, he sought compensation for the material and moral damages. This case was dea;lth as a civil case. Therefore, civil proceedings took place in this legal case. As a result, Ahmed was awarded monetary compensation by Alex. It was associated with the emotional stress endured due to cyberbullying. This outcome served as a deterrent to others who might contemplate engaging in cyber defamation and insulting behavior in the UAE. Ahmed felt relieved and it represented a strong law and order system in the country. 

Nonetheless, it is believed that UAE’s laws and the fair justice system have served its purpose. with a competent and composed attorney, such cyberbullying and defamation cases can be rightly served. Henceforth, one can defend its rights, integrity, and company’s reputation in the region.

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Employment Lawyers Making Work Policies Easy

Since the covid-19, the complete working style has shifted upside down. Businesses have asked their employees to work from home. Many companies and the working class took advantage of it because they could see that productivity has increased at work. Though, it was a chaotic scenario in the first phase of Covid. Afterwards, the companies learnt about the cost-effective solutions and employees found relief from the regular traffic jams.

However, Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai have created an impact through this time. They have developed work from home policies for the businesses to employ the best practices in remote working space. They understand the legal framework of working in a remote space. They focus their policies with the existing Labour and Employment Laws and contracts.

The major responsibility of Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai is make policies that align with the benefits of the employers and employees while ensuring work ethics according to the labour laws.

For every organization, the need to work productively is different. Therefore, the labour lawyers are hired to make such policies that do not violate the labour laws of Dubai, but they should be better for the employees. This may include; working hours, leaves and compensation.

Moreover, the Labour and Employment lawyers would do the analysis of the business and understand the nature of job roles to make better working policies. Some people think that it is a job of human resources. However, when the laws are involved, the companies should hire specific lawyers for the job.

While working remotely, the tasks are shared online. With the digitization of everything at work, the data protection policies play an important role for the businesses. If the business has developed customized digital solutions, the sharing of documents should be protected with data protection policies. Let your lawyer take a look at the data protection policies before you begin to use them for work.

Note: Please Contact lawyers and legal consultants, before going legally.

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