In India those who like to play reels on Instagram or spend a lot of time on YouTube, it is a fact that they must have seen Saloni Gaur here and there. Her career came to boom at her teen around 2018 when playing role of Nazma Aapi made her famous in India. In the reels or videos she was speaking like a Muslim lady of North India and this is indeed what was liked by so many people and rest is history. Now she is one of the most famous comedian and impressionists.

Doing what she loves

Saloni Gaur could have done a 9 to 5 job. But she is working hard to live the dream and that was to do something funny. And now she is known as one of the bets comedians on social media. So yes, it has worked well.

Making her parents proud

Saloni Gaur comes from an Indian middle-class family. And she became financially independent before going to collage or university. And it is not normal in India.

Creating fun

It is a fact that she creates the comedy that helps many people to make their minds feel better and relax and this is something to enjoy the core.

Coming from small town

Saloni Gaur comes from a small town of Bulandshahr. And Saloni has become the star for them to follow. And coming from a small town and becoming a start is something to learn for all from Saloni at the very best level.


Saloni Gaur comes from a family where she did not have somebody working in Bollywood. What the way she acts make world feel that her act is a like star from Bollywood. It shows her best of acting skills.


Despite being such a famous person, Saloni is very much humble and it is something that many kids can learn from her. Money is coming from many angles to her but is not making her mind flummoxed. Being humble is something she has as a professional. It creates an impact that makes things special in front of Saloni form the core. And the way now she is working with so many stars, and still being humble, is something extraordinary.


It feels around Saloni that how to be happy and spread the same at the same time. It creates mega examples in front of all where people are rushing things. It is something that one can learn to the core and create a legacy that can inspire others to do something new and make the best of outlook.

Final Words

Saloni Gaur is an example to the people that with hard work and not thinking much, a person can reach to the highest level. It creates an impact that all loves about her Saloni. And in fact, these 7 things can be seen many other successful personalities who work hard to make an impact in a creative way. And this is something to learn from  Saloni and personalities like her.