Countless business owners who have opted to add MMS API to their marketing strategies have called it nothing less than “transformational.” In many cases, this leading-edge marketing tool has meant taking a stagnant company merely treading water in sales and kicking into the stratosphere of robust customer purchasing activity.

A Brief MMS-API Primer

Here’s a rapid-fire brief on what MMS API is. It’s a customer outreach technology representing a significant evolution of an earlier but still powerful marketing tool – text messaging, often called SMS. That stands for Short Message Service.

SMS is when a company builds a list of thousands of contacts (customers) and gets them to “opt-in” to receive marketing messages via text on their mobile phones. SMS has a solid track record of bolstering sales, customer loyalty and increased brand recognition between customer and company.

MMS is the next stage. It stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. Now, instead of just “boring” lines of text, a company can powerfully grab the attention of its target market members with photos, graphics, short videos and more. In short, it’s text messaging on steroids.

Finally, what is API? That stands for Application Programming Interface. Without getting into the technical weeds, API makes it possible for multiple computer programs to communicate to make them function in an integrated way.

Adding API capability to SMS and MMS enables a business to integrate SMS & MMS with its website and/or software. This allows a website to send and receive MMS and SMS messages. It creates a huge advantage for companies that desire streamlined, consistent customer communication.

5 Ways MMS+API Can Supercharge a Company’s Marketing Strategy

1. Better Promo Campaigns

Many companies rely on special promotional campaigns at key times and for specific selling efforts. One example of a timed promo is gearing up for a holiday season and selling products tied to that occasion. Another way promo campaigns are used is to notify customers of sales, a special VIP rate or offer exclusive deals that will be available only to MMS subscribers.

Yet another killer use of MMS is keeping customers constantly updated on new products and deals. Another promo effort might involve a drive to ramp up repeat sales from loyal, captured customers.

MMS promo efforts command an energetic click-through rate of 29% to 40%.

2. Enhanced Personalization and Feedback

Instead of sending the same bland, generic texts and MMS content in a sort of “shotgun approach,” MMS can sharpen and achieve more personalized relationships with each customer –- and by the thousands. It does that by sending surveys to get feedback on a purchasing experience and setting up one-on-one consultations for a variety of purposes.

Personalization is also achieved by following up with customers to check on their satisfaction. This personalized “caring” activity is a superior way to strengthen rapport between a company and its clients. People love it when they are asked how a company can do something better.

3. Customized MMS Alerts

This enables a company to send customers things like an appointment reminder for a service they purchased, texting a shipping alert so the buyer does not have to do his or her own tracking, confirming a subscription and informing customers about exciting “flash sales” or time-limited sales deals.

The key here is meaningful engagement. The more ways a company can have multiple meaningful positive contacts with a customer, the more sales and repeat sales are made. MMS API is an unparalleled tool to get this done.

4. Following Up Cart Abandonment

One of the most common phenomena of e-commerce sales is when people place something in their cart and never follow through. Not following up with those customers is like leaving money on the table.

MMS is a superb way to send a reminder hours or days after a cart is left hanging. Special incentives can encourage them to go back to their cart and check out, such as offering a one-time special discount for “clearing the cart” with a purchase.

5. Keeping Building Bigger Subscriber Lists

MMS is superior to its older cousin, SMS, in response rate. It blows away the response rate of e-mail marketing. Approaching customers with MMS enhanced by API builds larger numbers of subscribers in much shorter time periods.

It Just Works

You don’t need to understand how the fuel injection system in your car’s engine works to get from Point A to Point B. So efficiently, don’t worry about how exactly API integrates MMS to make it extremely effective. MMS is a proven technology and arguably the most powerful marketing system.