If you’re a small brand trying to stand out online, you probably know that visual assets are the way to go. Eye-catching graphics and images can help you grab your audience’s attention fast, but creating these materials can be time-consuming and expensive. Around 67% of businesses that don’t use graphic design would do so if they had a quicker, cost-effective way to do it.

That’s where outsourcing comes in! Working with a freelancer or an agency on your next graphic design project is a great way to save valuable money and time. It also means you’ll get high-end work from an experienced pro without hiring a new internal team member!

If you’re on the fence about partnering with a graphic design expert, let’s take a look at a few benefits you won’t want to miss out on.

1. Time Savings

The most obvious benefit of hiring a freelance graphic designer is the time you’ll get back. As a business leader, your time is a valuable but finite resource, and delegating work can help you and your team focus on what matters. This is especially true if you’re a solopreneur without a background in graphic design, as you may waste hours struggling to produce a design.

Working with a designer instead frees up your time. It also removes the lengthy struggle of trying to figure out do a DIY job without the necessary skills and background! Instead, it allows you to focus on productivity and the core tasks that move the needle for your brand.

2. Access to Top Experts

When you outsource design tasks, you get access to the best designers not only in your area but around the world.

This is true no matter what kind of design work you need. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, updated logo or an eye-catching landing page that’s optimized for conversions, the right design expert can help you bring your vision to life. You can even find designers who also have a background in advertising, SEO, web design, and other fields, which allows them to bring more to the table.

Better still, these experts will be on top of the latest design trends, allowing them to offer functional, cutting-edge designs with great visual appeal. They’ll also have access to their own graphic tools and technology, meaning you won’t have to sift through the available options to find the right software.

Expert designers also have rigorous quality assurance processes. This allows them to ensure that the final design matches their clients’ expectations.

3. Fast Turnaround

When you save time on hiring, training, and onboarding, you make it easier to get your designs faster. Freelance design-related professionals don’t need any added time to create beautiful graphics.

Your outsourced graphic design team also won’t be juggling the many responsibilities of an in-house employee. Instead, their only priority is to complete the project you’ve tasked them with, no matter the scale! These experienced professionals can often help you understand their turnaround time by project, and it may be faster than you’d expect.

Even better, you can count on a freelancer to complete tasks by their specified deadlines. Because they know their business depends on their good reputation, meaning they’re unlikely to let projects fall through the cracks.

When you’re hoping to fast-track an urgent project or bring a product to market before a competitor, an outsourced graphic design team offers a distinct advantage.

4. Cost-Effective Services

In addition to time savings, working with a freelancer or graphic design agency can save you money as well.

The average base salary of an in-house graphic designer in the US is over $50,000. This doesn’t even include the costs of finding, onboarding, and training them. You’ll also have to pay for professional tools and software.

Most graphic design agencies will often charge far less than this for the projects you need in a year.

However, whether you work with an agency or FreeUp freelancers, you should still avoid the common mistake of failing to negotiate! Don’t hesitate to discuss the price tag based on the designer’s previous work. You should also ask for a discount if you’re commissioning multiple projects at once.

Your pricing will also depend on how the freelancer or agency invoices you.

Some designers have clients pay per project, while others require you to purchase a package. You can also enter a retainer agreement that requires the designer to take on a certain amount of work per month at a specified rate. If you have a lot of design work to tackle, this option is often more cost-effective than hiring designers for each individual project.

5. Flexible, Scalable Solutions

Outsourcing puts a lot of options at your fingertips. You can choose from a wealth of design styles or even jump from candidate to candidate until you find the right long-term partner. That’s a freedom you’d never get by hiring an in-house designer!

You also eliminate any concerns that an internal hire may not be worth it in the long run.

If your company needs less design work than you thought, you’ll simply outsource fewer projects in the future. There will be no need to pay an internal team member who doesn’t have a full workload on their plate.

If you need to scale up fast, the connections you make with a freelancer or agency now can help you tackle your growing workload in the future. This is a great way to relieve the burden on your other internal team members.

Start Your Graphic Design Project Right

Whether you only need a designer for a one-off graphic design project or you’re considering one for a long-term partnership, start the work off right with an outsourced team! Freelance designers and agencies make it easy to get high-quality work with fast turnarounds. They’re also flexible enough to fit into your brand’s budget and to take on a project whenever you need extra help.

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