Upgrading your windows and doors can dramatically improve the look and feel of your home. However, many critical factors must be considered, including material, design, energy use, labeling, accessories, and warranties.

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, impact-resistant windows should be at the top. These windows will help to bridge the gap between external high pressures during a storm and internal lower pressures inside your home.

Energy Efficiency

Florida is beautiful, but it can be harsh on homes and businesses with old windows. Upgrading your Florida windows and doors to high-impact products is a wise investment for many reasons.

In addition to protecting against hurricanes and flying debris, impact windows can significantly reduce your home’s energy bills. The heat in summer is reduced, and cool air is retained in winter thanks to the thick glass and tight seal.

Investing in impact windows and doors can be a wise decision as many insurance companies provide discounts, making the initial cost worth it. The increased security and energy efficiency will also boost your property value and make it more attractive to potential buyers.


Homeowners can upgrade their windows to enhance the beauty of their homes. Window companies offer a variety of styles that fit all different architectural designs.

For instance, casement windows are hinged, allowing homeowners to angle the sashes to control airflow. They are ideal for Mediterranean and ranch-style houses.

In addition, impact-resistant windows are available in various styles that complement all types of homes. These windows protect against shattering from debris, forceful entry, and high winds.

Some manufacturers even have options that comply with local ordinances, such as Sea Turtle Light Ordinance glass requirements that help prevent light pollution from hatching sea turtles. This way, homeowners can appease regulations and still meet their design goals. Low-E coating and argon-gas insulation are also available for improved energy efficiency.


Homeowners are familiar with the yearly threat of hurricanes. These destructive storms cause billions of dollars worth of damage and put lives at risk. High-quality impact windows can protect property from a hurricane’s ravages and help minimize internal damage and loss of life.

Additionally, these windows and doors are more resistant to break-ins due to their reinforced laminated glass and heavy-duty frames. The average burglar must be equipped to break or kick down these products, which can significantly increase your home’s security.

By installing new impact windows and doors, you can enjoy a tranquil environment while safeguarding your precious furniture, artwork, and valuables from the damaging effects of UV rays. This investment is a smart move that will benefit you and your home in the long run.


Florida homes are prone to severe weather conditions like hurricanes and high winds. While boarding up your home is an adequate precaution, you should consider installing impact windows and doors to provide superior protection.

These products are constructed with tempered glass, heavy-duty frames, and more potent hardware to withstand hurricane-force winds and debris. Additionally, they offer more safety benefits than traditional products, such as preventing forced entry from burglars.

If you want to install impact products in your home, selecting a reputable company that prioritizes customer satisfaction is crucial. An experienced home improvement provider will know Florida’s building codes, climate, and best practices for storm-resistant products. They’ll also offer various design options, including wood-clad frames with a natural wood interior.

Impact Resistance

As a Florida resident, you’re no stranger to severe weather and natural disasters. Hurricanes, major storms, and high winds can cause significant damage to your home.

Impact-resistant windows can withstand the force of wind, pressure, and flying debris from severe weather. These unique windows are designed with two or more robust and tempered glass layers. If the outer layer of glass is breached, shattered glass sticks to a layer of shatter-proof membrane instead of falling to the ground.

Impact-rated windows and doors can also save you money on your insurance premiums.