The month of June is very special all over the world. It’s the month we celebrate the LGBTQ+ Pride. The Pride Month often sees a wave of excitement and vigour in people and most of them want to celebrate it by participating in parades and on a personal level by gifting their partners as a symbol of the acceptance and love of who they are. So now that June is here already and you’re hunting for gifts or your partner, let us help you out to find something special that both you and your partner might like.

  1. Matching rainbow checker rings

This is a gift you could get for the both of you as a pair. Rainbow checker bands are trending in the market. Gift one to your partner and have one for yourself to show your love to the world proudly as you also announce being engaged to each other. You can find some amazing designs at lab grown diamond jewellers Manchester. It’s a great way to propose as well and everyone adored matching rings, irrespective of their gender or sexuality. And what better time than the Pride Month to declare your love for your beloved?

  1. Rainbow Revolution Book

Need something for your coffee table and something to show your respect to your Pride community as well? Get the Rainbow Revolution Book for your partner and you. The book celebrates the history of the LGBTQ+ community and has wonderful pictures and stories of many great personalities. It’ll make a great addition to your library and you could proudly read it over some wine for your own personal celebration of the Pride Month.

  1. Trans symbol bracelet

No one likes their gender to be assumed, and especially if you or your partner is a trans-person, then this issue needs to be dealt with permanently. Get your partner a beautiful bracelet with the pendant of the transgender symbol. If you’re willing to spend a little, you could get the bracelet designed from a jeweller in gold, silver or platinum. There’s nothing like wearing your pride in such a beautiful way that they’ll want to flaunt it forever.

  1. Rainbow T-shirts saying ‘PROUD’ 

This is another simple yet very thoughtful gift for your partner. Since there are quite a few rallies and parades going on during the Pride Month and you’d want to participate as well, get your partner a white or black T-shirt with the word ‘Proud’ written in rainbow. To make it look cuter, the T-shirt could also have an adorable little unicorn on it. Your partner can wear the T-short, proudly of course, to the parades and be one with the celebration vibe.

  1. Unicorn ‘Love is Love’ tote bag

Honestly now, who doesn’t like tote bags? They’re handy, convenient, easy to use and long-lasting. And for the Pride Month, you get them in pretty rainbow colours! Surprise your partner with a unicorn or rainbow tote bag that says ‘Love is Love’. You could get one made from handicraft stores as well. Or if you’re willing to go the extra mile, make one yourself. There are multiple YouTube tutorials that you could refer to and DIY the hell out of the bag. Your partner will surely be head over heels seeing your effort.

Pride Month is definitely more than just gifting, but as a symbol of the love and togetherness that people have found in their partners, this is just a simple gesture to acknowledge that special companionship. This is also a great time to propose so don’t wait too long and pop the question with a rose gold eternity rings in London. We wish you all a very Happy Pride Month.