Big Boss is something that does make an impact in India that it does change the lives of so many people. This does the fact that how this show is loved in India because here people stay real and situations lead them to have fights that makes a mega impact.

Like you come with zero profile and if playing well, then things can be changed by the end of the show. So it shows that there is a scope for anyone. And Soundarya Sharma, she is someone who rose to fame by the end of 2022 because of Big Boss. So let us take a look at 10 facts to know about Soundarya.

1 Doctor

Soundarya Sharma is a dentist and if there was no room for being an actress and model, she could have picked this root also and have a decent life as it is a high-paying job.

2 Bred in Delhi

Soundarya is born and bred in New Delhi. She comes from a settled family. Hence, it was never a very drastic childhood she lived. In fact, it was a childhood many kids do dream of.

3 Living In Mumbai

Soundarya had all the comforts in New Delhi at her home. But she moved to Mumbai in her middle 20s for having great life as a model and this is something she achieved with great feet by becoming an on-demand model and actress.

4 Dog

Soundarya is a dog lover and she is a Shih Tzu named Nanhu. As she mostly lives alone, her dog is someone she loves the most. One can take a look at her Instagram for knowing how much she loves her dog.

5 Fan of Pop Culture

Soundarya has grown up with a fan of pop culture. Even in New Delhi, she used to go to the clubs and all for having chill out time. It is something that has helped her in a way to make good connections.

6 Love Affair

The reason she was talked a lot in the season 16 of Big Boss because Soundarya fell in love with TV actor Gautam Vig. The relationship did last for about two months and after that, it did end. But this move did help her to create good headlines.

7 Studying in LA

A part of her life was in LA where she was studying to become a dentist. Not many in India can afford to make a living in the United States for studying, but she did it thanks to her family background.

8 Vegan

After learning how good vegan is for animals,  Soundarya decided to  be a vegan. In India, it was a great move for her personality also. But at the end of the day, she took a major decision.

9 Fashionable

Many do like the part of Soundarya being fashionable. And her attires were loved in the season 16 of Big Boss.

10 Hard working

It is a fact that Soundarya is a hard-working lady who has worked hard to make sure that things can be different and good in her life.